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What people are saying about our Live Seminars

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  • “These 6 weeks of FUSION have been the best 6 weeks of our marriage! It brought us closer together. We are more open towards one another and now address issues in a loving way.”

    Warwick | 21 years married

  • “iParent opened my eyes, opened my heart, and gave me hope as a Dad for the future of our family!”


  • “Marriage 2.0 is a biblical based, fun, entertaining and encouraging seminar to give validity to the issues we face in the second half of marriage.”

    Orilyn | 36 years married

  • “Fusion is a fun, inspiring, marriage conference! It is one of the best “dates” I have been on in our 10 years of marriage. Thank You!”

    Becky | 10 years married

  • “The I-Parent seminar is very engaging and contains an abundant amount of relevant, practical, and practiced advice for connecting with and positively influencing your children.”


  • “Any couples looking to change or enhance their marriage, this seminar does just that. Fusion is worth every second!”

    Candace | 9 years married

  • “Everyone waits until they have BIG problems in their marriage. Don’t wait! Fusion is about maintaining a healthy marriage, not just fixing broken ones.”

    Candace | 9 years married

  • “You are on the front line of the battle raging against families. Thanks for iParent and your courage in giving us weapons to fight the battle FOR our families.”


  • “I’ve been to a few marriage seminars and this has been by far the best. I’d highly recommend it to any couple.”

    John | 22 years married

Live SeminarsHost one to impact the families of your church and community (LEARN MORE)

  • Fusion 2:1

    Maximizing your marriage through the fusion of 2 lives.

  • i-Parent

    Transforming your family with truth to shape the next generation.

  • Marriage 2.0

    Capturing a vision for enhancing the 2nd half of your marriage.

  • Care Centre


    Leading people into full freedom from the impact of their addictions.