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Rossi Zacharias

Graphic Design

What I Do:

I create all the promotional and educational material for DFR events, seminars and the DFR Care Centre as well as other print needs related to DFR branding and communications.  I also manage the content of the DFR website, execute SEO strategy, create all of the website graphics, co-publish the DFR eZine and create templates and images for Social Media use.

Family Info:

I have been married to Michael since 2002 and we have two full-of-life, beautiful daughters: Haylee, (born 2004) and Mikayla, (born 2006). We’re a family that loves animals! We currently have two cats and two dogs with daily requests for more. We’re pretty full up!

A Few of My Favourite Things:

Our family keeps busy with many active pursuits. We enjoy skiing and skating in the winter and camping, exploring new places and hiking in the summer. I love being involved with our kid’s sports and activities. I go on as many field trips as they let me and help out where I can with Haylee’s figure skating club and Mikayla’s competitive dance troupe. It’s a joyful experience for me to watch our kids doing what they love to do! When I’m not on “mom” duty, I enjoy walking our dogs, coffee outings with friends, fitness classes and keeping active.

Thoughts on DFR:

DFR has been an amazing source of information, enlightenment and encouragement in my life for all my relationships. My marriage and family were blessed by this ministry long before I came to work at DFR. Now working with the DFR team, I’m inspired and encouraged daily by their dedication and passion for helping people who are hurting. I’m very grateful to be a small part of the huge impact DFR has on marriages and families.

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