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Doing Family Right was birthed to help people maximize their most important relationships – marriage, family and God. Driven by the desire to provide practical, tested and Biblical advice and coaching for couples who want to do family right – God’s way – we launched with the vision of making a difference in homes and across the nations.

Founded by Dr. Dave & Donalyn Currie in January 2010, Doing Family Right has grown to include an array of dynamic and engaging live seminars and a ton of insightful and practical resources to build your marriage and strengthen your family.

Now, the Curries are joined by a small but committed team of like-minded, family-focused visionaries who are equally called to share the difference that God makes in a life, a marriage and a home (see our staff page).

We come to you…in live events, DVD studies, phone app, daily tips, monthly eZines and answers to your questions.

You come to us…to read great articles, hear challenging and supportive podcasts, view quick video answers, watch TV episodes, ask your questions and more.

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