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Marriage: Boundaries to Protect Your Marriage

Only the strong survive. Marriages make it with boundaries. Bravely discuss these statements with your mate and determine if they are worthy of committing to as a couple. You will prevent a lot of sorrow if you decide to use these guidelines.

  • I will keep my marriage strong and growing as my relationship of highest priority. I want it to be the best relationship around.
  • I will always share my dreams and joys with my mate first before others to seek to share my excitement and build into our marriage.
  • I will volunteer to make my schedule and my comings and goings completely known and available to my mate. I will have nothing to hide.
  • I will not envy or compare another person’s marriage, their spouse or their relationship to my own. I will work to be both committed to my mate in both heart and effort.
  • I will acknowledge the dangers of being alone with a person of the opposite sex for any extended time unless in a public place.
  • I will not share negative issues or complaints about my spouse looking for comfort from someone of the opposite sex.
  • I will not view or read any pornographic material of any kind whether on the Internet, in a magazine, a video or a live event.
  • I will work to not entertain any sexual thoughts or inappropriate fantasies of myself with another person other than my spouse. I will keep boundaries drawn even in my mind.
  • I will “bounce my eyes” off of any attractive person I meet  treating them with respect, focusing not their shape, figure or clothing but on their face.
  • I will share with my spouse and one other person (of my sex) when situations of potential compromise come up.


© By Dr. Dave Currie & Christie Rayburn – March 2008. All Rights Reserved. Original work was developed in conjunction with the TV show “Marriage Uncensored with Dave & Christie”. Enjoy Boundaries: Taking Control of Your Life’s Relationship by visiting this link –