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Dr. Dave Currie

Dr. Dave Currie cares. He has been counselling individuals, couples and families for over 4 decades. Now, as Director of the DFR Care Centre and senior therapist, Dr. Dave spends 2/3 of his time in session with clients. He loves mentoring the therapists working at the Care Centre. His speaking, teaching and writing avenues of preventative education continue giving him great opportunity to help others far and wide.

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1. Experience and Expertise

Dr. Dave has been engaged in people helping for over 40 years. That’s a ton of practical experience combined with his vast education and his great heart. Counselling people through relational and life stresses has always been his passion. While he is competent to counsel in all areas related to marriage and family, he has more recently been focusing on the following:

  • Marital Triage – All Aspects of Marital Discord/Distance/Deterioration
  • Affair Recovery
  • Porn and Sexual Addiction Recovery
  • Marital Recovery beyond Sexual Addiction
  • Intimacy Anorexia
  • Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Family Mediation
  • Marriage Intensives
  • Sexual Addiction Intensives
  • Intimacy Anorexia Intensives

2. Professional Credentials

Ph.D. – DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN EDUCATION – Marriage & Family Issues
Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL, 1995

M.A. – MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION- Adolescent Development
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL, 1981

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL, 1980 

Briercrest Bible College, Caronport, SK, 1976


3. Professional Designations

Dr. Dave is a certified Sexual Recovery Therapist (SRT) and a registered clinician with the American Association of Sexual Addiction Therapy (AASAT), and as such specializes in helping individuals and couples successfully battle through the challenge of overcoming pornography and sexual addiction.

Dr. Dave is a certified Partner Recovery Therapist (PRT) with AASAT, and as such specializes in helping the partners of porn and sex addicts understand the trauma they have had to face in the marriage.

Dr. Dave is a certified Intimacy Anorexic Therapist (IAT) with AASAT, and as such specializes in helping individuals and couples work through the challenge of overcoming the lack of emotional connection in their relationship.

Dr. Dave is certified to conduct Marriage and Sexual Addiction Intensives(3-5 days at a time) with AASAT, and as such specializes in helping couples accelerate their recovery through extensive therapy in a short period of time.

Dr. Dave is an accountable Mental Health Professional, a Designation of BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and as such is a Registered Clinical Counsellor – License # 11146. Some employee benefits packages and extended medical insurance cover personal and family counselling. Check with your provider.

Dr. Dave is an approved counsellor within the Crime Victim Assistance Program and as such, approved counselees may request his counselling services within this program and be covered $80.00 per session by the program. The client is responsible to pay the other half.

Dr. Dave is a Certified Consultant with Birkman International Inc., and as such is trained in administering the deepest and most comprehensive professional assessment method for an individual that is proven to give incredible gain and insight in leadership development and life relationships within business and the home.

Dr. Dave is a Certified Associate with CRG Assessment Systems and is trained in using a host of life development tools including the Personal Styles Indicator (PSI).

4. Worldview and Counselling Perspective

Dr. Dave’s views on life and people are based on his deep and life-changing faith in God. While his Theo-centric beliefs clearly shape his perspective, his priorities and his passion, he respects the life journey that each person is on and will integrate the spiritual discussion as determined by the client(s).

5. Counselling Options

  1. In Office–$170/session. For those living within driving distance of Abbotsford in BC’s Fraser Valley, sessions are available directly with Dr. Dave. Session Length – 50 minutes.
  2. By Phone, via Skype or Face Time – $170/session. Where distance limits direct personal access, phone or online counseling has been effective. Nearly 20% of his therapy is now this way. Session Length – 50 minutes.
  3. Counselling Intensives:
    • Marriage Intensives for couples desiring a radical marital turnaround.Note: 2–5 days are possible depending on the needs/preferences. Contact Dr. Dave directly for details at  Cost: $1500/day.
    • Porn or Sexual Addiction Intensives for couples desiring sustainable victory over the trauma cycle. Note: 2–5 days are possible depending on the needs/preferences. Contact Dr. Dave directly for details at Cost: $1500/day.
    • Intimacy Anorexia Marriage Intensive for couples desiring to overcome the growing emotional gap due to one or both of them being IA. Note: 2–5 days are possible depending on the needs/preferences.Contact Dr. Dave directly for details at  Cost: $1500/day.

6. Payment for Services

Counselling fees are due at the time of the session and can be paid in cash, check or e-transfer. Checks are to be made out to Dr. Dave Currie.  With notification of less than 24 hours, clients are required to pay full price for the missed session.

7. Making a Counselling Request

Regardless of the nature of the issues in your marriage or family, interested individuals or couples should inquire directly by email through this site leaving their contact information, the nature of their request and a brief summary of the situation. You will be contacted directly by Dr. Dave or fill out the counselling request form below.

8. Dave’s Office Location

DFR Care Centre
31107 Peardonville Rd.
Abbotsford, BC,  Canada V2T 6T9

For directions to get to the DFR Care Centre travelling from East of Abbotsford, click HERE

For directions to get to the DFR Care Centre travelling from West of Abbotsford, click HERE

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