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eZine #35 The Secrets of Happy Camper Dating


happyDating! There is a secret to it that you may not know about!


Lets talk about DATING for a moment – and yes this topic and concept does apply to both dating and married couples!  Don’t worry; I’m not trying to add to your plate of expectations and demands, quite the opposite in fact. So often we get couples telling us that they don’t go out on dates together giving all sorts of different reasons including; its too much work or too hard to figure out what to do or where to go. The pressure of pleasing their spouse or significant other is daunting etc.


We have good news for you! Happy Camper Dating can relieve all of those issues and make dating fun again.


I won’t spoil it for you but I will give you a few positive results of Happy Camper dating before you head over to the resources for the details.


Happy Camper dating:

  1. Helps remove the pressure of having to impress or please your partner
  2. Helps you become more aware of yourself
  3. Helps you expand your interest pool as a couple and as individuals
  4. Helps your significant other get to know you better
  5. Is fun


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