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eZine #36: The Challenges of Single Parenting

As much as our initial response to the term “single parent” is likely one including an unwanted pregnancy outside of marriage there are a number of other scenarios that can result in single parenthood.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, there are unique challenges that come along with parenting alone. Children have incredible needs that can be daunting, how do single parents navigate this alone, and for those of us with single parents in our lives, how do we support them and fill the gap for missing parents?

This month we have compiled a number of resources related to this topic that will help both parents AND those supporting single parents.

Follow this link for an episode of “Marriage Uncensored” where Dr. Dave and Christie discuss some of the dynamics with Dr. Kevin Lehman.

Here our very own Melissa McVety’s story and insights into the challenges of being a teen parent  in our DFR podcast here.

Plus a quick video answer… with Kelly Nault-Matzen