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eZine #37: The Blending of Two Families

eZine #37: The Blending of Two Families

This month’s topic is the Blending of two families. The Brady bunch made it look easy! But realistically bringing two families with their own histories, expectations and discipline styles and making them into one can be bumpy, and maybe even feel like skiing down the black diamond moguls in Whistler.

Combining two different families into one can often bring about added conflict and confusion. Questions come up: Who does the disciplining? What does discipline look like? How does time and attention get distributed? How are boundaries and household guidelines established?

This month’s eZine is a collection of resources for those considering blending families as well as those in blended family situations. Resources that will both help prepare you for a smoother transition or give you perspective on how things are going in your transition.

Our Highlighted podcast this month is with DFR’s own Melissa and David McVety as they discuss the dynamics they ran into as a blended family themselves. We have also attached some video answers for you for quick tips on regaining your sense of direction and confidence as you move forward.

Podcast 34: Caught in a Blender: How Do Two Families Become One

Video Answers:

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