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eZine #38: Cell Phone Sanity


eZine #38: Cell Phone Sanity

Cell phones are incredible – and terrible, all at once. I love the convenience, but despise the amount of my time and life it takes from me, especially if I’m not careful.


Even worse yet, is what phones can do to our children’s lives! Having a 22-year-old daughter I can say that I have lived through it once and we are working hard to navigate it even better as we head into it with our other kids, who are 12, 11 and 6.

Maybe you or your children have noticed the 8 to10-year-old kids at school with cell phones? Or maybe your 7-year-old has asked for their own phone already. And so often that request is followed up with “But they have it,” or “Then you don’t love me!” or some other comment that makes us feel like the worst parents on earth.

Fortunately, by saying no and choosing to navigate the world of cell phone use for your kids, as hard as it might be, you will be giving one of your greatest gifts as a parent.

This month, we have resources that will guide you through the cell phone issue. We have included a graduated system for cell phone use, including suggested ages for when to allow your kids to have their own phones. We also provided the filters that will help you come up with your unique action plan, and a great discussion in our podcast about the struggles and victories of implementing the hard boundaries.

May these resources be an encouragement and a blessing to you and your family.


Cell Phone Sanity 101 


  1. Internet Safety for your Children: The Three Layered Approach
  2. Cell Phone Sanity for Children

Additional Resources:

Cell Phone/ Mobile Device  Contract for Kids and Parents

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