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eZine #39: Nurturing Your Child’s Faith

eZine #39: Nurturing Your Child’s Faith

My greatest longing as a parent is to see my kids love Jesus with all of their hearts. It’s natural for us to want to pass things we love on to our children, that sometimes includes things like which sports teams to root for. So often I hear comments or even desperate pleas from parents who want to know what the EXACT recipe is to ensure that our kids follow Jesus. Is there a step-by-step guide? Esentially each of us as human beings have the choice to make for ourselves. God gives each of us the option of choosing Him, which, after all, is the beauty of Jesus: He doesn’t force Himself on us, but offers the gift of forgiveness and a relationship with Him.

So what is the answer then? As much as there may not be a guarantee, there sure are some “best practices” for us as parents.

This month we have compiled a number of our in-house resources that will help you introduce your children to the God that you love and who loves them. The tools we provide you with  will help you learn to express your love for Jesus in a way that is clear, compelling, and creates a natural interest and longing in your children to have what you have, and love who you love.

May these resources be a blessing and encouragement to you as you seek to share with your children what you value most in your life.


Nurturing Your Child’s Faith


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