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eZine #4: Christmas Traditions and their Occasional Dark Side

Merry Christmas! 
At this time of year I think about tradition a lot? When you think about it isn’t that what makes Christmas great? 


Last year was our oldest daughter’s first Christmas away from us. She is 19 and living in Manitoba and the experience was quite a shock for her. She found herself waking up in the morning to no presents, decorations, celebrations or anything. It was a crash course in loneliness. Needless to say, she is coming home for Christmas this year. 😉

It goes without saying that Christmas is here… and for most of us that means happy times and happy memories.
There is something special about the familiar during the Christmas season. I asked myself what is was that drew my daughter home this year for Christmas, or maybe a better question is; what was it that she missed last year?

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