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eZine #40: Hope for Your Marriage

eZine #40: Hope for Your Marriage

Comebacks in Sports are all always exciting! In those moments we sometimes root for the team that is losing, just because they are the current underdogs!

Most of our culture today doesn’t seem to share that sentiment when it comes to marriages that are struggling or could be considered the “underdogs,” marriages that seem to be in the last minute of the last half, desperate to get that last point – to see and feel hope in their marriage.

We were working with a couple who came in feeling like their recent dates were going so poorly that, had they not been married, it would have been enough to call off the relationship. As we listened and heard their story, and recognized the issues that they were dealing with and sorting through, we helped them see that many of the things they were interpreting as negative indicators of their marriage’s status, were, in fact, positive indicators that the rebuilding had begun.

There IS hope and as hard and hopeless as it might seem, there is always a way to come from behind and become the marriage you have always wanted and show the world that underdogs can win! The secret weapon for many is God; He is the miracle worker, the coach with the secret play and the ultimate source of trust and security in even our darkest moments.

This month’s resources are here to help you feel, hear and be reminded of the hope that exists for you and your marriage.


Questions and Answer with Dr. Dave & Donalyn Currie

What To Do When Your Marriage “Hits the Ditch” 


Podcast 37: Comeback marriage: Does Hope Live On?  

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