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eZine #43: Facing Grief as a Couple

Grief is a terribly difficult thing to sort through for anyone. It’s additionally complicated, though, when you are grieving as a couple.

It’s one thing when there is a loss in one of our respective families, or for some kind of tragedy to occur where we need each other’s support, but there are moments in our marriages where both parties face grief together at the same time.

How does a couple find a way to be the support to the other while they desperately need the support themselves? Going through the grieving process requires a level of availability to feel what you need to feel, for most this makes empathizing simultaneously quite difficult.

I know that this was true for me and my wife when we had to deal with the loss of our stillborn daughter together.

For example, there were moments when I found myself frustrated that she hadn’t gotten over it, because I had gone through the process of grieving and wanted to move on but she wasn’t there yet.

This process of carrying each other’s burden in your weakest moments is a lesson we need to learn as couples, it’s something we need to practice and I know for me, having God help me empathize and relate has made a world of difference.

This month’s resources are here to help you grow in not just the area of grief but also working through some of the harder topics that come up in marriage.


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