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eZine #47: Talking To Your Kids About Sex & Dating

Sex Talk—Talking To Your Kids About Sex & Dating

Talking to our kids about sex needs to be a continual discussion. Many think that doing “the talk” once covers them and everything else will just work out. After all, why have another awkward conversation if you don’t need to?

I’d like to encourage you by saying that you don’t have to think of those conversations as awkward because if you embrace them they can be incredible opportunities for connection and new levels of relationship with your kids.

Try thinking of them as connection points, check-in opportunities and relationship builders instead of hard points along the way.

Yes, it does require a certain amount of comfort on your part when you bring these things up, and you may find yourself panicking a little not knowing where to start or how to get comfortable with topics like this. Have no fear, DFR is here! Our collection of podcasts, and this month’s highlighted on, in particular, are available for you to listen to. As you listen the topic, you’ll hear an example of how conversations can be more natural, especially when you hear us talking candidly but respectfully about sex and dating and how to engage with your children about those topics.

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