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eZine #49: Help for the Heartbreak of the Humboldt Bronco Family

The Humboldt Broncos tragedy has captured the hearts of all of Canada. Our national pastime combined in combination with a devastating accident that has taken 16 lives and injured many more, has left us feeling like it could have been our kids and even feeling like it was our children to a large extent in some way. We were desperate to help and didn’t really know how. This sense of desperation toward a tragedy that hits so close to home is evidenced by the outpouring of support from the sports media and possibly, most notably through the GoFundMe Campaign that has blown past its initial goal of $5000 to over 15 million dollars raised to support the team and families of those involved in the accident.

If you don’t know, the Humboldt Broncos are a Junior Hockey team from Humboldt Saskatchewan that was traveling between games when it collided with a semi-truck, which caused immeasurable amounts of damage, including the loss of 16 lives.

Doing Family Right took this to heart deeply and Dr. Dave found himself stricken with the need to share his thoughts, feelings, and support with all those impacted. God’s hand was tangibly evident in bringing the right people together to be a part of a powerful podcast that Doing Family Right put together in a sincere attempt to offer hope to all of those feeling the impact of this terrible loss, whether directly involved or indirectly—the emotions and trauma are real.

Our consistent prayer and longing is that God would use us and provide a source of encouragement to lift others up in the midst of their sorrow and heartache. In the same way, we pray that this podcast would do the same for all those who listen. May God touch your hearts and may you know that you are not alone in the midst of your darkest moments.


David McVety and the Doing Family Right team

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