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eZine #54: Ramping Up Resolutions—Review & Refocus Your Life

New Year’s Resolutions are nice ideas but they are often shallow and short-lived, going nowhere, helping no-one. But what if the New Year’s resolution idea was reframed into more of a time to REVIEW & REFOCUS. There could be something incredibly transforming about an annual personal evaluation and a corresponding re-purposing for the upcoming year.

This month’s DFR eZine feature article is about how to effectively set “resolutions” for 2019 and every year after!

To read the full article, Ramping Up Resolutions—A 4-Step Plan to Review & Refocus Your Life click HERE

Also see the following DFR resources to help get your new year started right:

Article: New Year’s Sex : Sexual struggles in marriage come in many shapes and sizes but most couples don’t talk about it. They complain, throw out their disappointment and criticize and even avoid each other as punishment for their mate’s lack of or insensitivity regarding intimacy. In spite of these challenges, research shows that the best sex is marital sex; the most frequent and most satisfying. What can you do to turn things around in the New Year? These tips would be a great place to start.

Podcast: Health and Fitness in Marriage: Dr. Dave Currie along with Wayne & Mary Jane Dahl, challenge and coach couples on the benefits of personal fitness and how physical well-being plays into marital satisfaction. 

Care Centre News: Meet Care Centre Counsellor Curtis Dueck
Curtis works with clients from various walks of life seeking help for a number of different concerns including anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma, stress and addiction. In addition to individual and couples counselling, Curtis runs weekly group counselling meetings for sex and pornography addictions. He uses a wide range of interventions tailored to each client’s specific needs. He works with clients to not only address their present concerns but also to help build the skills and capacity to face new challenges in life down the road. 

**NOTE: If your marriage or family is in crisis, seek creditable support right away. Our DFR Care Centre has a team of counsellors ready to help. We can counsel you in person if you are in the Fraser Valley, or via phone or Skype if you live farther away.

To inquire about counselling or book an appointment, please fill out our Counselling Request Form. You can also call our DFR message centre and leave your request at: 604-556-1116 or email us at

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