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eZine #55: Heart Health with a Twist!

Valentine’s Day normally brings to mind roses, chocolates and a night out with that someone special. While we love the idea of showing your sweetheart just how much you love them, we thought this Valentine’s Day, why not approach it differently? This year, we challenge you to take care of YOUR HEART. We’re excited to share these 5 easy ways to kick-start caring for YOUR heart!  Watch NOW

Also check out our additional Valentine’s resources below. You’ll find encouragement and healing through the power of forgiveness in your most important relationships as well as secrets to loving your partner well, for life! And if things aren’t going so well in your relationship right now, our Care Centre feature this month is all about giving your struggling marital relationship a shot of HOPE! We wish you and your special someone, a happy Valentine’s Day, from all of the Staff and Counsellors at Doing Family Right.

Article: The Gift of Forgiveness— Forgiveness is the route to healing hearts in so many of our most important relationships. The deeper our hurt, the harder it is to forgive. The closer the relationship, the greater the devastation can be. Yet, as we know, forgiveness is a gift to ourselves not just for the other person. Learn the 5 key reasons why we must forgive and follow a 10-step plan for how to do it.

Podcast: Secrets to Happy Camper Dating—It’s not too late for you to put some fun back into your relationship! Beat boredom and rekindle the romance in your marriage with Dr. Dave’s strategies on dating your spouse for life.  Start your “Happy Camper” Dating today—you’ll never regret putting your marriage and family first.

Care Centre Corner: The 7 C’s of Relationship Recovery—This Valentine’s Day, let’s give your struggling marital relationship a shot of HOPE! Learn how to fight for your marriage at the hardest times and build a relationship you both want to be part of for life!

**NOTE: If your marriage or family is in crisis, seek creditable support right away. Our DFR Care Centre has a team of counsellors ready to help. We can counsel you in person if you are in the Fraser Valley, or via phone or Skype if you live farther away.

To inquire about counselling or book an appointment, please fill out our Counselling Request Form. You can also call our DFR message centre and leave your request at: 604-556-1116 or email us at  

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