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eZine #58: Dealing with Your Baggage

Did you drag a trunk full of JUNK into your marriage?

According to our counsellors at the DFR Care Centre, the Number One challenge couples face in marriage is BAGGAGE—a person’s past issues weighing them down in the present. A marriage is only as healthy as the two people in it. Are you carrying around 100-lb bags stuffed with the hurts and disappointments of the past? Put them down and you will be amazed at how it lifts your marriage to a higher level. This month, we’ll help you deal with your baggage—sort out and unload any unhealthy weight you are carrying. You’ll learn how to forgive fully and freely and walk with God every step of the way through this journey. Let’s unpack! Read our feature article here: Baggage in Your Marriage

This September marks one of Doing Family Right’s favourite events: The Hockey Marathon of Hope! This event takes 64 hockey players and asks them to play 10 hours of hockey. Why? All to raise funds to support Doing Family Right and Imani Orphan Care! We invite you to jump on the ice with us on September 7 or consider sponsoring a player.  This is hockey with a heart! Register today or Sign Up to be a sponsor! 

May Article: Coming Clean—The Value of Honest Disclosure The truth is…what’s done or said in secret will be exposed. God has a clear design for honesty in relationships. Learn how to tell the truth to people in the first place as well as coming clean when you don’t. Read now…

May Podcast: The Gravity of Baggage The baggage you bring into marriage impacts who you are and how you relate. It comes out in daily life and may compromise your most important relationships. Learn what your baggage is and how to deal with it. Listen now…

Care Centre News: Meet our Care Centre Counsellor Lorie Ediger Lorie cares deeply for people who are experiencing difficulty in life and relationships. From marriage and family challenges to trauma, anxiety and depression (etc.), she brings a wealth of life experience as well as professional insight to each counselling relationship. Learn more about Lorie… **NOTE: If you, your marriage or family is in crisis, seek creditable support right away. Our DFR Care Centre has a team of counsellors ready to help. We can counsel you in person if you are in the Fraser Valley, or via phone or video conferencing if you live farther away. To inquire about counselling or book an appointment, please fill out our Counselling Request Form. You can also call our DFR message centre to leave your request: 604-556-1116 or email us:

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