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eZine #63: Lifting Up Others

October eZine: Lifting Up Others—Up Close and Personal Tips on Being an Encourager

To ENCOURAGE by definition means to give support, to foster confidence and to bring hope. The breadth of its current usage in our culture includes that to encourage equally means to inspire, to uplift, to stimulate, to spur on, to validate, to affirm, to hearten, to motivate, to back, to strengthen, to enrich, to make strong and to build up. Pick whatever meaning implication you prefer but the intent of the word is clear—“lift up” the other person.

However, the phrase “easier said than done” is a truly accurate description of this journey towards being an encourager for most of us. How are you doing in this area? Are you an encouragement to others? The good news is, you can develop this skill with a few tips and lots of practice! This month, Dr. Dave Curries shares his core operating principles as a guide towards being more of an encourager along with great advice for building confidence in your kids and being a great spouse. Read on for more insights! 


OCTOBER PODCAST: Building Confidence in Your Kids

Are you the primary influence in your children’s life? Your day-to-day, year-after-year, life inscription is as permanent as a sharpie. Never doubt it—one’s family of origin leaves a life-long imprint, good or bad. Let’s make your lasting imprint deeply impactful in the best way possible. Dr. Dave Currie shares 6 key ways that you can build strength and confidence into the hearts and minds of your children. Learn more…

OCTOBER ARTICLE: How To Be a Great Spouse

Beyond a couple’s faith in God, a marriage is the most important relationship. However, family and life demands can end up putting your marriage in second (or third, forth etc) place. Why does the marriage fall behind in priority? Learn why this happens so easily and how you can turn it around. Your children are watching you 24/7, learning how to do life and marriage. Do it well. Make a lasting impact with your marriage. Learn more…


Join Dr. Dave Currie  for two truly unique seminars:

1. P.E.R.G.E is for partners whose spouses are battling pornography or sexual addiction. Next date: Nov 1 (6:30–9:30pm) – Nov 2 (8:30am–5pm)

2. BUILDING CONNECTION targets the impact of Intimacy Anorexia on marriage. This is for couples where one or both are intimacy anorexics, focusing on understanding this paradigm and how to overcome it. Next Date: Nov. 12 (6:30-9:30pm)

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**NOTE: If you, your marriage or family is in crisis, seek creditable support right away. Our DFR Care Centre has a team of counsellors ready to help. We can counsel you in person if you are in the Fraser Valley, or via phone or video conferencing if you live farther away. To inquire about counselling or book an appointment, please fill out our Counselling Request Form. You can also call our DFR message centre to leave your request: 604-556-1116 or email us:



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