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eZine #65: What To Teach Your Kids This Christmas

December eZine: What To Teach Your Kids This Christmas

I’m the out-spoken “Merry Christmas” guy in a world where it’s not politically correct. It’s my part of the fight. Though Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays have all but replaced “Merry Christmas”, I totally want to play my role in slowing the growing commercialistic slide of this once religious, traditional season. After all, Christmas is central to our faith. And getting the meaning straight all starts at home.

With the public skid away from the truths of Christmas, it is essential for Christian families to do a thorough job of passing on the time-tested, historical and Biblical realities of Christmas to their children and grandchildren. This void must be filled with its true meaning lest the emptiness of a family without faith—like a barren concrete fountain—invades your home. Here are the basic truths of Christmas as I see it—simple but central—that we tried to teach our children each year. Learn more…

DECEMBER ARTICLE: 5 Family Traditions You May Want to Embrace this Christmas

Are you looking for new ways to bring life and meaning to your family’s Christmas this year? With the landslide of commercialism and secularism driving most of our Christmas agendas, you may, like me, feel like it’s time to shovel away the clutter to get to a more meaningful Christmas. You may want to try these ideas and watch them grow into new traditions in your home. God bless your family this Christmas! Click HERE to read more

DECEMBER PODCAST: How to Face the Pressures and Problems of Going Home at Christmas 

Dr. Dave Currie along with Wayne & Mary Jane Dahl, address the common stresses that people face during the Christmas season within their extended families and look for ways to overcome the difficulties.  Listen HERE

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