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eZine #66 | The Unbroken Line

January eZine: The Unbroken Line

Passing On Your Faith To the Next Generation

Seventeen years ago, Canadian Hockey Legend, a true friend, and a man I so look up to, Paul Henderson, gave me this challenge. He said, as I recall, Currie, you have got to join me in this prayer that we’ll have an unbroken line of Christians in our family until the day that Jesus comes.” What was Paul referring to? That we, as leaders in our homes, by God’s grace, would do whatever it took to pass our faith on to the next generation so that our families — our entire downline — kids, grandkids, great grandkids and beyond would all choose to follow Jesus until His return — an unbroken line of faith. That is a very worthy prayer and we took his challenge.
I have used a merger of Paul’s challenge, my own discoveries and my grasp of God’s principles to be a springboard for what I teach people on how to pass their faith on to the next generation. I will share six Biblical conditions that are central in transferring your faith to your kids and grandkids. I believe that living out these non-negotiable factors in your lives and homes will almost guarantee that you will have an unbroken line of Christians until the day Jesus returns! Learn more…

JANUARY ARTICLE: Building a Godly Home

When you build with a goal in mind, according to your house blueprints, you end up with a great finished product: a home that is structurally sound as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Not unlike home construction, building a Godly home with His blueprint in mind creates a family that is structurally sound and unbelievably pleasing to be a part of.

The following are some of the principles that you need to practice if you want to build a Godly home.

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JANUARY PODCAST: Nurturing Your Child’s Faith

Dr. Dave Currie along with Wayne & Mary Jane Dahl, assist parents in maximizing the early years to train their children in their faith. How does a parent make a lasting spiritual impact? Listen in to find out Dr. Dave’s top tips to nurture and grow your child’s faith.

Listen HERE

CARE CENTRE NEWS: Meet our Care Centre Counsellor: Bryan Petkau

Bryan is passionate about helping you meet your goals.  He works with people struggling with Anxiety, Depression, and Sexual Addictions including Pornography.  After his own two-decade addiction to Pornography, Bryan found healing and freedom through counselling and has since dedicated his training and career toward helping others experience this same freedom.  Bryan’s previous counselling experience includes work with both men and women in a variety of clinical settings. Learn More or Book a Session With Bryan 

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