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eZine #71: How To Handle Tough Parenting Seasons

July eZine: How To Handle Tough Parenting Seasons

Parenting: Tough Seasons in Parenting | How to make it through

In spite of the rigorous demands of the race, I have fully loved parenting our children. But with each stage of child-rearing — infant, toddler, preschooler, the primary years, preteen, teenager or beyond —new surprises and challenges arise. When it’s good and the kids are tracking with you and cooperating with your best parenting plans, it is really good. Wow. You love your role. You run with ease. This is how it is supposed to be. This season can go on forever. You LOVE this stage. You can do it.

But…when its bad, and your parenting skills are being fully taxed and your perfectly crafted plans are completely failing – it can be really, really bad. Each parenting step is uncertain and unsteady. You run because you have to not because you want to. You are now both exhausted and exasperated.

It’s into these tough times that I want to coach you. I will suggest some of my most practical tips to help you make it through the tough seasons of parenting. Depending on the stage your children are at, not every one of these ideas will apply. Remember also that the older your children are, the more pressure you are under to get it right — you are running out of time. May God give you grace to live out the ones that would change things for the positive.

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JULY ARTICLE: Overcoming Parenting Panic

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Things have changed a ton since you were raised. It’s a really difficult and complicated time to bring kids into this world. Let’s be honest: there are a lot of scary things that can happen to kids these days. How do you overcome these fears and anxiety? Dr. Dave shares some helpful tips and advice.

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JULY PODCAST: Building Confidence in Your Kids

Like Parenting 101, we aim to help parents realize the 6 keys ways that they can build strength and confidence into the hearts and minds of their children. You leave a lasting imprint whether you like it or not.

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CARE CENTRE NEWS: The Care Centre is OPEN!

We are thrilled to welcome you back into our Care Centre! Many of our counsellors are now meeting in person with patients (with precautions in place of course). We encourage you to reach out to your counsellor prior to your meeting to find out what they are currently offering. Book an Appointment…

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