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eZine #72 | Facing Temptation In Your Life

August eZine: Facing Temptation in your Life

Featured Article: Facing Temptation in your Life

At the core, temptation is an unhealthy draw or an unholy desire toward something that we know is wrong, unwise, and clearly not the best for us. In every case, the one being tempted is in a battle to avoid the pull at all costs. It is usually true that embracing temptation’s enticement brings only short-lived and superficial benefits but carries long-term repercussions of overwhelming regret and corresponding despair. Giving in to any negative urge most often continues a downward and unhealthy trend in our lives.

People foolishly try to rationalize, justify, minimize, or even lie to themselves to somehow make the temptation okay or not be such a big deal. But you can’t argue with results. Giving in to temptations destroys us and what we hold dear.

God has something to say about temptation. Read through this article and anchor yourself in its truth.

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AUGUST ARTICLE: 1000 Days All Clear 

Dr. Dave Curries shares one of his client’s stories and testimony to how they made it to “1000 days all clear” and gained freedom from his pornography addiction. With tools, guidance, and recovery steps, this man’s story is truly an inspiration for anyone suffering from addiction.

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AUGUST PODCAST: Recovery Mechanics

Dr. Dave Currie and his co-hosts talk about the process and the benefits of the 12-Step Recovery Program used in our Recovery Group for people with sexual/pornography addiction called: REGROUP.

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We know that this month’s topics are of a sensitive nature. We recognize that there are many facing temptations and addictions daily and would like to take this moment to remind you that our Care Centre Counsellors are here to help, encourage, and guide you, no matter what you are facing. . Book an Appointment…

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