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eZine #83: Parenting Check-In

August eZine: Parenting Check-In

A quick and easy “Check-in” to help you stay the course with your parenting goals and missions statement! We hope you enjoy and learn something new this month! Let’s get started with our featured article: Family Footprints: The Non-Negotiable Steps for Leading Well at Home

You see, we are leaving footprints every day for our family to follow. But it’s not a game—it is life.  The stakes are high! A future generation of faith is resting on us. There’s no doubt we are leaving tracks. That is a universal fact. Kids follow parents…at least for a while.

So what is it going to take to have your children follow you? Plain and simple. It’s your example. Here are our non-negotiable steps for leading well at home.

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AUGUST  PODCAST: Nurturing Your Child’s Faith

Dr. Dave Currie along with Wayne & Mary Jane Dahl, assist parents in maximizing the early years to train their children in their faith. How does a parent make a lasting spiritual impact?

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CARE CENTRE NEWS: New Seminars! 

We are SO thrilled to begin hosting and offering seminars again! We have a few new up and coming one’s including the Building Connection Seminar happening on October 16 + Our fall edition of P.E.R.G.E on October 1 & 2.

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Teach children WHAT is important and also WHY. Giving reasons anchors their behaviour in understanding. That wisdom lasts a lifetime


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