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eZine #95: Back To School Parenting Check In

September eZine: Back To School Parenting Check-In

BACK TO SCHOOL — does it bring dread? Fond memories? Or maybe a bit of anxiety? However you feel about it, this month is dedicated to helping you navigate the busyness September brings. This month we are focusing on how to get through tough seasons of parenting, tools that can help you keep your teen in the Faith,  and how to bully-proof your kids.

Tough Seasons of Parenting 

There is no denying it: being a parent can be challenging! So how do you work through those EXTRA tough seasons of parenting? The ones that don’t seem to end! Here’s our top advice.


Keep Your Teen in the Faith 

The numbers say ⅔ of high school aged children are leaving the faith…but is that true? Dr. Dave Currie shares his perspective + key ideas to help them stay in the Faith.

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PODCAST: Bully Proof Your Kids

Bullying is no longer just happening on the school ground. It has taken wings online with cruel texts, threatening messages and public shaming on social media. We take a look at what makes kids vulnerable and how to build them up so they are “Bully-Proof”.

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