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eZine #97 : Remember When

November eZine: Remember When

Don’t some of the best moments and shared conversations happen with those two simple words? It’s a memory brought back to life with those simple words, it’s a step back in time to something worth reminiscing about. “Remember when” means you have shared history with someone; and that is something powerful. This month we are running through some of our favourite resources to help you “Remember when”. Enjoy!

The Power of Shared History

Your Shared History with your spouse — these mutual life events and personal experiences — are what glue you together. Here’s what shared history is + how you can tap into the power it has for your marriage.

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The Value of Remembering  

Remembering an anniversary is a good thing. It is both bringing to mind and keeping in mind this significant event of the past. And friends…there is great value in remembering!

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PODCAST: Get a Great Start in Marriage 
Just starting out in your Marriage and building your shared history. Get a great start with this podcast.

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