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Fusion 2:1 Backup

Fusion 2:1 is our 1-Day Marriage Building Event focusing on Maximizing your Marriage through the Fusion of Two Lives!

We desire to see couples experience a passionate, living bond that creates a satisfying marriage they truly want to be a part of for life! To coach couples toward this real Fusion, the day will be drenched with hard-hitting, Biblical truths and heartwarming, practical help.

The 6 sessions for FUSION 2:1 allow for huge chunks of time for couples to actually apply what they are learning as they braid these transforming principles into their lives. Below are the titles of the sessions:

Our goal is seeing as many couples as possible grow to understand how together they can Maximize their Marriage through the Fusion of Two Lives!

Coping with the various stages of marriage

6 hours

1 session broken into 6 modules

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The Laws of Attraction: If you stop having fun, commitment alone won’t keep your love alive.
The Gravity of Baggage: Resolving your hurts releases you to love freely.
The Acceleration of Connection: Understanding your spouse at a deepening level helps them feel respected and loved.
The Drag of Friction: Responding to disagreements with respect brings you closer.
The Combustion of Passion: To love and be loved sexually can become the strongest magnetic pull in life.
Finalé: Maximizing your marriage through braiding God into your lives.


Attendee Feedback

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From Langley, BC

“Fusion gave me a vision for a stronger marriage and some specific tools for creating dialogue and taking steps towards a growing marriage. We need a greater focus on God and what He calls us to in marriage.”

From Saskatoon, SK

“Doing Family Right is a voice in the wilderness. In a time where marriages are falling by the wayside, the church has an amazing voice of truth and love through this ministry.”

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Upcoming events

October 8–November 12 – with Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie. This event will run every Wednesday evening from Oct 8–Nov 12 at CLA in Langley, BC.
November 1, 8, 15 – (English with Cantonese translation) with Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie, OnTrack Leadership Institute, Richmond Chinese Baptist Church, Richmond, BC.
November 22 – with Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie, Brentwood Park Alliance Church, location for event: Harrison Hot Springs, BC.