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Fusion 2:1 DVD Series is on sale now at the DFR website store. Get your couple package today!

Fusion 2:1 DVD Series inspires an authentic, God-centered marriage.

Learn timeless biblical truths for your marriage in an entertaining, practical way with Dr. Dave & Donalyn Currie.

 The 6 Sessions of Fusion 2:1

1. The Laws of Attraction  If you stop having fun, commitment alone won’t keep your love alive.

2. The Gravity of Baggage  Resolving your hurt releases you to love freely.

3. The Acceleration of Connection  Understanding your spouse at a deepening level helps them feel valued and loved.

4. The Drag of Friction  Responding to disagreements with respect brings you closer.

5. The Combustion of Passion  To love and be loved sexually creates a unique and powerful bond that joins you for life.

6. Finale  Steps for fusing 3 into 1: Braiding God into your marriage.

Dr. Dave Currie is a speaker, author, educator and therapist as well as President of Doing Family Right, and a powerful force that challenges people with God’s truth for relationships. Together with Donalyn, married 40 years, they share their passion, love and lives in this one-of-a-kind marriage building experience.

Included in the Couple Package: The 6 Sessions of Fusion 2:1 on 3 DVD’s, 2 Fusion 2:1 Companion Manuals and a User Guide to provide some helpful tips, brief summaries and discussion guidelines for each of the six sessions.

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