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Host a DFR Weekend


Dr. Dave & Donalyn Currie or David & Melissa McVety come to you for three+ days of challenging, life-giving, inspiring seminars for the marriages and families in your church or organization. We can also customize a weekend just for you! Instead of Marriage Fusion 2:1, you may want Marriage 2.0, or more sessions of i-Parent. Ask us about customizing a DFR Weekend just for you!

Friday Night—i-Parent
i-Parent is a transformational parenting event that focuses on the challenges of raising confident kids and leaving a spiritual impact on their lives. Get ready to be encouraged as we face parenting issues head-on! The evening includes time for questions and answers and runs approximately 2½ hours.

Saturday—FUSION 2:1
This is our 1-Day Marriage Building Event focusing on Maximizing Your Marriage through the Fusion of Two Lives! We desire to see couples experience a passionate, living bond that creates a satisfying marriage they truly want to be a part of for life! To coach couples toward this real Fusion, the day will be drenched with hard-hitting, Biblical truths and heartwarming, practical help.

The 6 sessions for FUSION 2:1 allow for huge chunks of time for couples to actually discuss and apply what they are learning as they braid these transforming principles into their lives. The ideal time for Fusion is from 8:30am–4:30pm.
6 sessions of Fusion: The Laws of Attraction, The Gravity of  Baggage, The Acceleration of Connection, The Drag of Friction, The Combustion of Passion, Fusion Finalé
Sunday Morning Sermon
To round out the weekend, we deliver a message to your entire congregation that challenges and inspires them on how to “Pass on Their Faith to the Next Generation”. Other topics available: “Unstuck”, “Keep Calm and Carry On: The Good News about Marriage” and other topics upon request.

HOSTING A DFR WEEKEND EVENT: We would love to discuss the possibility of partnering with you in ministering to the marriages and families in your community with God’s blueprint for the home. Email us for more information, we’d love to talk with you. We’ll call you back right away.

Phone: 604-556-1116
Email: or fill out the form on our website: contact us for details.

ATTENDING A DFR WEEKEND: With the number of DFR Weekend conferences growing, there may be one near you.  Visit our upcoming schedule.