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Parenting Seminar: i-Parent


The i-Parent Series is designed to inspire and equip today’s parent in raising healthy and balanced children who will make a positive impact on their world. In spite of all the challenges facing you, we will passionately guide you as you format the next generation—your most valued possession.

Drenched with hard-hitting and timeless truths and laced with real life instances of both our failures and successes, this series will direct parents on how to really impact their kids in our busy, media-filled, sex-saturated culture. Get ready to be encouraged as we together face your parenting issues head-on!

Communities, schools—public and private—and churches have held anywhere from 2 – 8 sessions selecting from the various critical topics listed below. Note: the sessions can be presented with a faith-based focus or not.

Feel free to discuss with us how to best utilize the i-Parent sessions. Topics can be mixed and matched as to your perceived needs and can be presented over a weekend, in a 1-day format, weekly or monthly. Plan on allowing 90 minutes per session. Contact us to discuss this further.

The i-Parent Sessions

IMPRINT: Formatting Your Child’s Hard Drive
Absorb & apply the 6 non-negotiable factors within your family that guarantee your personal core life values, morals and faith get transferred securely to your children.

CONNECTION: Preventing Lost Connections
Uncover the secrets of connecting early with your child and maintaining that connection through the teen years for maximum impact and consistent guidance by grasping the child’s normal growth toward autonomy and by revisiting your role as the parent.

CONFIDENCE: Building in Greater Security
Learn how to raise confident kids free of anxiety who know their worth before God, possess a solid self-acceptance and acquire the strength to stand alone when needed.

VALUES: Catching your Core Value Virus
How do you know your kids will “catch the bug” of what is really essential in life? Analyze what core principles are the most important for you to teach and model to your kids.

PACE: Maintaining High-Speed Connection
How busy is too busy? Is your family schedule psychotic? Are you proud of it or discouraged by it? Learn how to not mess your kids up or rob them of opportunities.

TECHNOLOGY: Technological Warfare—Preparing your Kids for Online Battle
Learn the fine art of discipline that teaches respect and responsibility while keeping relationship. Practical help on setting limits on curfews, cell phones, the internet and more.

SEXUALITY: Controlling the Sexual Downloads
“Skin is in” when it comes to this generation. Sensuous images flash across TVs, in theatres, on iPods and computer screens, often unsolicited. Master giving the ‘sex talk’ that empowers your child to avoid sexual landmines.

HARDTIMES: Troubleshooting Your Most Complicated Teen Issues
Parents don’t get manuals for handling the hard stuff. Hear challenging discussion on dealing with peer pressure, drinking, drugs, piercing, tattoos, dating, eating disorders, suicide, self-harm, rebellion and more.

Contact us on how you can host the i-Parent Series in your school, church or community.


What People are Saying


“What an amazing weekend my husband and I had in your iParent course. You are such a blessing to those who get to share in your ministry. We left challenged, refreshed, and most of all ‘Armed and ready’ to tackle the next 10+ years of this crazy thing called parenting!”


“iParent really helped prepare me for some of the trickier stuff in parenting and inspired me to be more intentional in my relationship with my kids. I learned so much about how to really be there for them and how to connect with them as they are getting older. iParent has been invaluable to me!”


“The iParent series was such a great and welcome resource for our school community that we had it back a second time. Dr. Dave speaks with such passion and experience in dealing with all the relevant issues families face in this day and age.”

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