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Marriage: Understanding Lasting Marital Intimacy

Loving in “3D”: Understanding Lasting Marital Intimacy

The month this article went to print, Donalyn and I celebrated 44 years of marriage! That’s a ton of relational experience trying to get marriage right and then keep it that way. We’ve had 100’s of times (literally) where we did things wrong and had to recover. You can learn so much from those difficult periods. And today, we don’t think we have a perfect marriage, we have a great marriage—one we truly love being a part of.

That leads to this simple but powerful concept that we embrace called Loving in “3D”—we try to live this and pass it on to you. It involves focusing on three dimensions within marriage to create something awesome. We have seen over the years, that beyond our deep and personal faith in God that anchors us, it’s when these 3 aspects consistently and caringly become central to your regular life cycle that your primary relationship will grow more satisfying and sustainable. And that’s what we all desire. Let me explain the 3 dimensions and how they cycle together:


  1. Relational Connection 

This is the heart of being friends and staying friends. It mirrors the time of your premarital dating period where you had fun doing things together – side by side. It includes the romance, special occasions, simple and crazy activities and sharing lots of smiles. Your hands clasp. It’s a true sense of life togetherness.

You simply need to keep this “us time”going. You can’t let it slip. Kids and work have to make way for carving out regular dates to keep on being real companions—a minimum of twice per month of 2–3 hours alone. If you have no kids or the nest is now empty, aim a once per week. You can’t stay at home but it doesn’t have to cost you. Try the Secrets of Happy Camper Dating on our website if you want more help. Oh and by the way, “Dinner and a Movie” can only happen 1 in 4 of your dates. Get out of that rut and keep the laughter, playfulness, and even your brand of silliness happening. Take the time to connect.


  1. Emotional Closeness

This is the sense of being fully known and still loved. When the marriage is really right—nobody knows you like your mate! It involves authentically and mutually sharing at a deeper level and in so doing, building a solid trust. It’s knowing things together—face-to-face—so that you have a place where you feel understood, respected, validated and appreciated. Your relationship is a safe place for both of you. Your hearts bond and as trusted confidantes, you enjoy a true sense of life collaboration.

This emotional closeness that truly anchors relational confidence and vulnerability must not fade. You have to keep your marriage a priority by continuing to put your spouse first. Kindness has to rule. Thoughtfulness and consideration must be maintained. Your marriage has to be an “anger free zone”. No excuses. Harshness—the opposite of warmth—kills closeness. So when frustrations do arise, own your stuff, work to resolve things quicker and forgive sooner. To stay close emotionally, easier for one spouse over the other, you have to create time to talk, to share yourself but equally to listen. Try 2–3 times each week where for about 20 minutes, you open up with each other asking how are you doing? How are we doing? How is your life going? No distractions. No kids, no cell phones close or TV’s on. IF you need help on what questions you could be talking about, click here: Date Night Discussion Starters or get them from our app. No excuses. Get alone face-to-face. Period. Take time to connect.


  1. Sexual Completeness

This is the ultimate act of total transparency. Sexual oneness is a journey of discovery as a couple. What general knowledge you think you might know about sex before marriage still has to be worked out with a real person after the wedding. Great passion has to be about mutuality. Both partners must be engaged and enthralled. It’s about enjoying great feelings together as bodies unite. It’s the true sense of life intimacy.

There’s a lot to work through in your marital sex-life; frequency, variation, initiation, exclusiveness, and satisfaction for both of you to name a few. See our website resources—Sexual Intimacy—to get a boatload of support.

Be sure to work through the damages of any sexual abuse from your past as well the huge negative impact of a porn or sexual addiction on your marriage. Get support now for both of these challenges. We can help.

Remember, faithfulness really does matter and “what happens in Vegas”—doesn’t stay in Vegas. It destroys many marriages. Make your mate your love target. Begin talking about your level of mutuality and pleasure. Simply ask your spouse. “What would make sex better for you?” Listen closely. It may take time to really connect sexually—but it needs be great for both of you.

Look again at the diagram. Do you see the ARROWS? As they circle the 3 dimensions, their implied motion tells us a lot. You must continuously rotate through all the aspects to get true marital intimacy. You can’t leave one out of the cycle and have a healthy balanced marriage.

Keep being a playful companion, keep being a trusted confidante and keep being a passionate lover. Set a time to discuss how well you are doing LOVING IN 3D. Seek the Lord together on what steps you need to take as a couple in Doing Family Right. I’d love to have your comments.

For more information on “Loving in 3D”, listen to our podcast of the same name HERE featuring Dr. Dave & Donalyn Currie.

Looking for help in your marriage but not sure where to go? Visit our DFR Care Centre to get information on counselling today.

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