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Pastor Info—Doing Family Right Care Centre

Pastors, we know you are working hard to meet the needs of your congregation. The challenges you are facing are often complex and likely require more time and resources than you may have to give. Doing Family Right is here to help! We would like to introduce you to an incredible new resource right here in the Fraser Valley, the Doing Family Right Care Centre!

DFR has always helped people maximize their most important relationships through live seminars and FREE online resources at and now we are excited and honoured to offer Counselling Services and Recovery Groups to those in need locally and beyond.

Dr. Dave Currie, president of Doing Family Right/Senior Therapist, and his committed team of counsellors are available to help with a wide range of challenges:

Marital – Communication & Conflict Resolution, Facing Marital Breakdown and Distance, Sexual problems, Spiritual Growth, Financial Stresses, Destructive Family of Origin, Extra-Marital Affair Recovery, Overcoming Pornography in Marriage, Premarital Preparation, Divorce and Re-Marriage Issues

Parenting – Fighting over Differing Parenting Styles, Parent-Teenage Battles, Blended Family Issues, Interfamily Reconciliation, Emotionally Troubled Children and Youth, Pre-teen or Teen Porn Addiction, Adolescent Behavioural or Delinquency Issues, Depression, Cutting and Suicidal Ideation of Youth, Transition to Parenthood, Attachment Parenting, Dealing with Infertility (including Miscarriages), Parenting Issues related to Kids with Disabilities/Special Needs

Individual – Personal Baggage, Spiritual Guidance, Battling Pornography, Recovery from a Divorce, Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Mid-Career Transitions or Job Loss, Conflict Resolution in Business Dealings, Training for Counsellors and Paraprofessionals, Grief and Loss, Generalized Stress and Anxiety, Aging, Issues Related to Seniors

Recovery Groups –We believe in leading people and marriages into full freedom from addictions and their impact. We run the following groups:

1. ReGroup: Pornography and sexual addiction recovery groups designed to teach, support, equip and heal. (separate men’s & women’s groups)

2. P.E.R.G.E: (Partner Encouragement Recovery Group Experience) Support for partner’s of spouses who are battling sexual  addiction/pornogrphy.

3. Confident Kids: For children ages 7–10+ needing to grow more resilient in the connection to others and bounce back after adversity.

To meet our counsellors and learn more about the DFR Care Centre, please visit our Care Centre page at:

If you have individuals, couples or families who are hurting and would benefit from Counselling or a Recovery Group, you can refer them to us in 4 different ways:

  1. Share our website link with them via email: and encourage them to fill out our “Counselling Request Form”
  2. Print this Referral Sheet and give it to them personally. Have a conversation encouraging them to seek help.
  3. Help them fill out our “Counselling Request Form” on your computer at: or help them email us at:
  4. Call our DFR message centre and leave your request at: 604-556-1116. Carly, our DFR Care Centre Administrator,  will get back to you within 48 hours.

All information provided to DFR will be forwarded to the appropriate person and kept in the highest confidentiality and privacy.

Did you know? Doing Family Right was founded in 2010 by Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie to share the non-negotiable difference God makes in a life, a marriage and a home. Driven by the desire to provide practical, tested and Biblical advice and coaching for couples who want to do family right – God’s way – the Currie’s launched DFR with the vision of making a difference in homes across the nations. Our new Care Centre is one more way that DFR can serve individuals, couples, and families.

*We also offer counselling via SKYPE/FaceTime/Phone for those outside of the Fraser Valley. Ask us about it today!

The DFR Care Centre is located at: 31107 Peardonville Rd., Abbotsford, BC, Canada, V2T 6T9.  Please email if you have questions.