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Podcast 086: RECOVERY 4—Sexual Addiction Triggers, Relapses & Facing Temptation

Podcast 86: RECOVERY 4—Sexual Addiction Triggers, Relapses & Facing Temptation

You will need to master the art of “Thought Stopping” in your recovery efforts for sexual addiction. How do you stop the mental runaway train bent on acting out? We’ll help individuals face the challenge of “5-Alarm Fires” in overcoming their sexual addiction by becoming more aware of how to handle triggers and setbacks.

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*Follow this link for more resources: Victory Over Porn

**NOTE: If you or someone close to you is in crisis, seek creditable support right away. Our Care Centre has a team of counsellors ready to help. We can counsel you in person, if you are in the Fraser Valley, or via phone or Skype if you live farther away.

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