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ReGroup Additional Resources

These Resources are meant to help you and your spouse on your journey to recovery. We hope you are encouraged and find them helpful in your recovery!

ReGroup Recovery Documents

ReGroup Expectations [ReGroup Episode 27: ReGroup Expectations]

Coming Clean

WINGMAN – Spiritual Accountability Guide Sheet- [ReGroup Episode 17: Accountability Checks ]

The Downward Spiral of Worry [ReGroup Episode 4: The Downward Spiral of Worry ]

Recovery Scripture Reading Assigment

The Big 5 of Recovery [ReGroup Episode 13: The Big 5 in Recovery]

Believe Behaviour [ ReGroup Episode 1: Believe Behaviour ]

Talk is Cheap [ReGroup Episode 5: Talk is Cheap ]

Slow Erosion [ ReGroup Episode 3: Slow Erosion ]

ReGroup Growth Attitude [ReGroup Episode 7: ReGroup Outline ]

Recovery Covenant [ReGroup Episode 2: Recovery Covenant]

Exit Strategy for ReGroup [ReGroup Episode 6: The Exit Strategy ]

Intimacy Anorexic Questions [ReGroup Episode 61: Intimacy Anorexia]

Intimacy Anorexia Scale [ReGroup Episode 61: Intimacy Anorexia ]

Recovery Talk Handouts


 Rebuilding Your CONSCIENCE   {ReGroup Episode 16: Rebuilding Your Conscience}

 FAITH-BUILDING CYCLES {ReGroup Episode 20: Faith Building Cycles }

 Addicted to Lying {ReGroup Episode 21: Addicted To Lying}

GOD, Sex & Your Marriage {ReGroup Episode 22: God, Sex, Relationships — Hebrews 13:5}

 RELAPSE RECOVERY  {ReGroup Episode 23: Relapse Recovery}

 Addicted or Not {ReGroup Episode 24: Addicted Or Not? }

 What your Addiction Does to Your Wife {ReGroup Episode 25: What Your Addiction Does To Your Wife }

Laying Siege to Your Addiction {ReGroup Episode 33: Laying Siege to your Addiction }

All of Me Belongs to Jesus { ReGroup Episode 39: All of me Belongs to Jesus }

What’s Fair for Her to Expect in Your Recovery {ReGroup Episode 40: What is fair for your wife to expect in Recovery? }

Lies Addicts Tell Themselves {ReGroup Episode 41: Lies Addicts Tell Themselves }

What is Your More OPPORTUNE Time {ReGroup Episode 42: What is Your More Opportune Time }

 Proverbs 5 – Modern Version {ReGroup Episode 43: The Warning of Proverbs 5 Sexual Unfaithfulness }

The Warning Of Proverbs 5 – Sexual Unfaithfulness {ReGroup Episode 43: The Warning of Proverbs 5 Sexual Unfaithfulness }

One Anotherhood – Proof We Need Wingmen {ReGroup Episode 44: One Anotherhood — Proof We Need Wingmen }

 No Compromise {ReGroup Episode 45: No Compromise }

Recovery Tips by Jim {ReGroup Episode 46: Recovery Tips with Jim}

Spiritual Growth as a Couple {ReGroup Episode 47: Spiritual Growth as a Couple } 

Drastic Means to a Desired End {ReGroup Episode 48: Drastic Means to a Desired End }

Facing 5-ALARM FIRES {ReGroup Episode 49: Facing Five Alarm Fires }

The Wingman Way {ReGroup Episode 50: The Wingman Way}

The Wisdom Of Making Amends [ReGroup Episode 51: The Wisdom of Making Amends}

Covenant Lips [ReGroup Episode 52: Convenant Lips }

Temptation Preparation by Cam Broad [ReGroup Episode 54: Temptation Preparation ]

The Integrity Circles {ReGroup Episode 55: The Integrity Circles }

The Images of Rebuilding Trust {ReGroup Episode 57: The Images of Rebuilding Trust} 

The 5 Types of Porn Addicts {ReGroup Episode 58: The 5 Types of Porn Addicts-by Chris } 

  The Sins of Withholding {ReGroup Episode 59: The Sins of Withholding} 

Understanding Intimacy Anorexia { ReGroup Episode 61: Intimacy Anorexia }

God Doesn’t Waste Pain {ReGroup Episode 62: God Doesn’t Waste Pain} 

The Anatomy of Forgiveness {ReGroup Episode 63: The Anatomy of Forgiveness } 

Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow {ReGroup Episode 64: Godly Sorrow with Kevin } 

Cultivating Self-Control {ReGroup Episode 65: Cultivating Self-Control with Brian } 

Psalm 63 Remembering God’s Faithfulness {ReGroup Episode 68: Remembering God’s Faithfulness } 

Overcoming Spiritual Apathy {ReGroup Episode: 69: Overcoming Spiritual Apathy with Kevin Enns } 

Belief Determines Behavior { ReGroup Episode 70: Belief Determines Behaviour with Cam Broad } 

What I’ve learned so far by Chris {ReGroup Episode 71: What I’ve Learned So Far by Chris } 

Learning to Forgive Yourself {ReGroup Episode 75: Learning to Forgive Yourself } 

When God Forgives { ReGroup Episode 74: When God Forgives, He Really Forgives } 

Learning to Forgive Others {ReGroup Episode 76: Learning to Forgive Others } 

Irresistible Biblical Manhood { ReGroup Episode 77: Irresistible Biblical Manhood } 

Stay in Your Lane { ReGroup Episode 78: Stay in Your Lane!} 

Validating Her Pain { ReGroup Episode 79: Validating Her Pain } 

Living in the Balance { ReGroup Episode 80: Living the Balance} 

Assessing Marital Atmosphere { ReGroup Episode 81: Assessing Marital Atmosphere }

What Does God in a Marriage Look Like {ReGroup Episode 82: What Does it Look Like to have God in a Marriage? } 

Controlling Life’s Lusts {ReGroup Episode 83: Controlling Life’s Lusts} 

What Are You All About (Life Focus) { ReGroup Episode 84: What are you all about? } 

Believing You CAN Win {ReGroup Episode 85: Believing You Can Win } 

Get Practical In Recovery – AN OVERVIEW by Chris { ReGroup Episode 86: Let’s Get Practical} 

Dr. Dave’s Original Accountability Questions  + Understanding The Place and Power of Accountability { ReGroup Episode 88: The Anatomy of Accountability } 

Weekly Recovery Update { ReGroup Episode 89: Weekly Recovery Check-In } 

MAXIMIZE THE CHANCE GIVEN { ReGroup Episode 90: Maximizing the Chances Given } 

Where to Draw the Lust Line { ReGroup Episode 91: Where to Draw the Lust Line }

The Power of Faithfulness {ReGroup Episode 92: The Power of Faithfulness } 

The Ugly Truth about Porn { ReGroup Episode 93: The Ugly Truth About Porn’s Impact on Me } 

JOURNEY TO FREEDOM – What I learned from Climbing Mt. Baker {ReGroup Episode 94: Journey to Freedom} 

BRAVEHEART — Your Recovery War Cry { ReGroup Episode 95: BRAVEHEART — Your Recovery War Cry } 

Identity Crisis { ReGroup Episode 96: Identify Crisis — Overcoming Shame} 

Find Your Refuge In God { ReGroup Episode 97: God as your Refuge} 

Telling your Feelings to Shut Up | ReGroup Episode 99: Telling your feelings to Shut Up

Are You a Gentle-man | ReGroup Episode 100: Are You a Gentle Man? 

THE BIG PICTURE of MY Recovery | ReGroup Episode 101: The Big Picture

Facing 5-ALARM FIRES | ReGroup Episode 102: 5 Alarm Fire Temptations

That’s Addict Talk {ReGroup Episode 103: That’s Addict Talk } 

PRIME FACTORS OF RECOVERY MATURITY{ReGroup Episode 104: Factors of Recovery Maturity} 

Tighten the Sieve {ReGroup Episode 105: Tightening the Sieve}

The Lights are On  {ReGroup Episode 107: The Lights are ON}

Can Passion & Purity Co-Exist{ReGroup Episode 108: Can Passion and Purity Co-exist?} 

Conquering the Lust Monster{ ReGroup Episode 109: Conquering the Lust Monster} 

Pure Wisdom {ReGroup Episode 110: Pure Wisdom } 

A Dad’s Advice- March 2007 {ReGroup Episode 111: Dad’s Advice}

Fix Your Focus {ReGroup Episode 113: Fix Your Focus } 

Rejecting Recovery {ReGroup Episode 118: Rejecting Your Recovery} 

The Self-Expression Window { ReGroup Episode 119: The Self-Expression Window } 

ReGroup Check-In Success {ReGroup Episode 120: Check In Success!} 

ReGroup Specialty Podcasts:

Deep Thoughts Podcast Episode 032: Porn: Deadliness Of It, Grace For It, Recovery From It