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ReGroup Additional Resources

These Resources are meant to help you and your spouse on your journey to recovery. We hope you are encouraged and find them helpful in your recovery!

ReGroup Recovery Documents

ReGroup Expectations [ReGroup Episode 27: ReGroup Expectations]

Coming Clean

WINGMAN – Spiritual Accountability Guide Sheet- [ReGroup Episode 17: Accountability Checks ]

The Downward Spiral of Worry [ReGroup Episode 4: The Downward Spiral of Worry ]

Recovery Scripture Reading Assigment

The Big 5 of Recovery [ReGroup Episode 13: The Big 5 in Recovery]

Believe Behaviour [ ReGroup Episode 1: Believe Behaviour ]

Talk is Cheap [ReGroup Episode 5: Talk is Cheap ]

Slow Erosion [ ReGroup Episode 3: Slow Erosion ]

ReGroup Growth Attitude [ReGroup Episode 7: ReGroup Outline ]

Recovery Covenant [ReGroup Episode 2: Recovery Covenant]

Exit Strategy for ReGroup [ReGroup Episode 6: The Exit Strategy ]


Recovery Talk Handouts


 Rebuilding Your CONSCIENCE   {ReGroup Episode 16: Rebuilding Your Conscience}

 FAITH-BUILDING CYCLES {ReGroup Episode 20: Faith Building Cycles }

 Addicted to Lying {ReGroup Episode 21: Addicted To Lying}

GOD, Sex & Your Marriage {ReGroup Episode 22: God, Sex, Relationships — Hebrews 13:5}

 RELAPSE RECOVERY  {ReGroup Episode 23: Relapse Recovery}

 Addicted or Not {ReGroup Episode 24: Addicted Or Not? }

 What your Addiction Does to Your Wife {ReGroup Episode 25: What Your Addiction Does To Your Wife }