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ReGroup Podcasts

Get anchored by our riveting truths and our constant encouragement in these DFR podcasts on recovery.

Podcast 020: Skin Disease: Overcoming Pornography in your Life and Marriage

Podcast 042: Sex Talk 6 – Talking to Your Kids About Porn                                                   

Podcast 050: Securing Your Freedom From Pornography: What Wise Men Do 

Podcast 051: Women Facing Their Husband’s Porn Addiction  

Podcast 061: What to do if your child is into porn                                                                                    

Podcast 080: Women & Pornography in the Digital Age

Podcast 126: Understanding the Trauma of Facing Your Husband’s Sexual Addiction  

Podcast 81: Recovery 1—The Porn Phenomenon—It’s Scope and Impact

Podcast 83: Recovery 2—Overcoming Porn’s Stigma Within the Church

Podcast 85: Recovery 3—Sexual Addiction Recovery is a Team Sport

Podcast 86: Recovery 4—Sexual Addiction Triggers, Relapses & Facing Temptation

Podcast 87: Recovery 5—Pornography’s Impact on the Spiritual Life

Podcast 92: Recovery 6—Understanding Neurological Effects Porn Addiction

Podcast 93: Recovery 7—Renewing your Polluted Mind—What, Where, When & How

Podcast 95: Recovery 8—Practical Tips Toward Porn Recovery

Podcast 99: Recovery 9—Building a Credible Sexual Recovery Plan

Podcast 113: Recovery 10—Recover Well After an Addiction Relapse

Podcast 115: Recovery 11—Sexual Addiction Recovery Groups

Podcast 117: RECOVERY 12—Cutting Your Losses—How Sexual Addicts’ Choices Hurt Their Partners

Podcast 121: RECOVERY 13—Recovery Mechanics: What & Why of the 12-Step Program                                

Podcast 128: RECOVERY 14 – WINGMAN– The Role of Accountability in Sexual Addiction Recovery     

Other Recovery Podcasts with Dr. Dave Currie 

Deep Thoughts Podcast Episode 032: Porn: Deadliness Of It, Grace For It, Recovery From It