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Recommendations:  The following websites are some of our favourite and most highly recommended to help strengthen marriages and families. We endorse each as being incredibly rich in their potential to improve some aspect related to your most important relationships. As leaders in the field, these authors, educators and therapists play a very significant role in the marriage and family resource network. We know these people personally as each one has been a guest on Marriage Uncensored with Dave & Christie, a TV Series that Dave hosted and produced for 6 years. We commend them for their work and care for people like you. Our friends will be listed in alphabetical order.

Limitations: While giving them our strong endorsement, the views and opinions expressed on their sites are not necessarily those of DOING FAMILY RIGHT. We ask you to be discerning using appropriate discretion. We do not assume and are not responsible for any liability whatsoever for the linking to their websites, the operation or content (including the right to display such information) of any of these linked websites, nor for any of the information, interpretation, comments or opinions expressed. All comments or inquiries regarding any of these linked websites should be directed to the particular person or organization that operates it.

Recommended Marriage & Family Websites

Dr. Dan Allender – expert and author on marriage and family issues with great insight in the recovery of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse and the spiritual dimension of marriage.

Steve Arterburn – expert and author on love, sex and relationships with significant notoriety for the book – “Every Man’s Battle” in the area of lust and pornography. He has a daily radio talk show.

Dr. Ted Baehr – expert and author on all kinds of media influence on the family with critical input for parents on movie and entertainment selection. There are reviews on all the latest shows.

Julie Baumgardner – expert, TV talk show host, and resource coordinator of First Things First an organization that helps marriages and families from pre-engagement through to all aspects of home life.

Dr. Jim Burns – expert, author and host of a daily family radio call-in show. He focuses on youth and family issues with all kinds of practical resources for parenting including a daily radio show.

Dave Carder – expert and author on helping couples recover from the affects of an extra-marital affair and avoiding close calls leading to extra-marital affairs. Very practical and helpful.

Dr. Gary Chapman – expert and author famous for the incredible works of “The Five Love Languages” series and “The Language of Apology”. Go for real help on getting better understanding of each other.

Dr. Henry Cloud – expert, author, therapist and radio host. He co-authored the Boundaries series and also coaches and consults in al kinds of leadership development issues. One of my favorite books – “Integrity”.

Ron Deal – expert, author and therapist on all kinds of stepfamily and blended family issues looking both at second marriage and step-parenting concerns. Go for solid help on stepfamilies.

Dr. Bill Doherty – expert, author and educator on marriage and family issues. Does special work in the area of coaching marriage counselors. As a true research expert, he has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show and 20/20.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs – expert, author, educator and therapist most famous for the book and conference of the same name- “Love and Respect”. This book is fully worth the read to help you get out of the “crazy cycle”.

Bill & Pam Farrel – experts, authors and educators who write and speak on all issues related to marriage and family. Famous for “Men are like Waffles and Women are like Spaghetti”, they have tons of helpful resources.

Shaunti Feldhahn – speaker and author of some of the books I recommend most – For Men Only and For Women Only for the clearest and most helpful understanding Male-Female differences.

Eryn-Faye Frans – author, educator and passion coach focusing on helping women and couples improve their sexual intimacy. She will work with individuals in phone counseling on overcoming sexual dysfunction in marriage.

Dr. Scott Haltzman – expert, author and educator who through his research has produced the works – “The Secrets of Happily Married Men” and “The Secrets of Happily Married Women”. Scott has been a guest on Rachel Rae, Good Morning America and the Today Show.

Dr. Willard Harley – a true Godfather of marriage and family care, expert, author and educator whose book “His Needs; Her Needs” was a leader in understanding male-female differences. Look for plenty of online helps.

Dr. Sue Johnson – author and educator whose quality work in the area of emotional bonding, love and friendship within marriage has made her a leader in the field. Read to become closer friends in marriage.

Dr. Kevin Leman – expert, author and educator who is most famous for his work in Birth Order with in families. A prolific writer, he has books on almost every topic know to marriage and family.

Dr. Pat Love– expert, author, therapist and educator focuses on helping couples improve their relationships through practical insights. A great guest speaker and co-author of the book, “Improving your Marriage without Talking about It.”

Erwin McManus – expert, author and communicator of some of the most creative work today in the area of the spiritual dimension of humankind. One of his strongest works helps people understand the Cravings of their Soul.

Kelly Nault – expert, author and educator in the area of parenting the 12 and under. She is a vivacious presenter and an engaging coach on all the issues parents face when trying to discipline their children.

Drs. Tom & Beverly Rodgers – experts, authors, therapists and educators, these two bring it all to the table in a host of topics about marriage, family and second marriages. Their work on soul healing love addresses the spiritual dimension well.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger – expert, author, radio host and speaker, the lady has talent and an edge. She has influenced so many through her radio and books. Her focus is likely on women’s issues and relationships.

Dr. Gary Smalley – expert, author and another Godfather of marriage and family help. Go to this site for a side variety of excellent resources from the Smalley family including an intensive therapy program for couples in crisis.

Dr. Steven Stosny – expert, author and therapist, he writes on issues around anger and abuse and improving your primary relationships. He has a boot camp for men with anger issues and boasts an amazing turnaround rate.

Dr. John Van Epp – expert, author, researcher and educator focuses on getting our relationships right. Known for his key book, “How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk”, he gives great insights for developing a long and lasting married life.

Dr. Doug Weiss – expert, author, therapist and educator though he speaks on numerous marriage and family issues, he champions the cause to help men get freedom from sexual addictions and back into healthy relationship with their spouse.

Dr. Michelle Wiener-Davis – a recognized expert, author, educator and therapist on divorce-proofing your marriage as well as addressing the sexually-starved marriage. Michelle, a guest on Oprah more than once, anchors a group of divorce-busting coaches who work with couples in phone counseling.

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