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3b. Fusion 2:1 DVD Couple Package – CONFERENCE SPECIAL




This package includes 1 DVD Set, 1 User Guide, 2 Companion Manuals.

CONFERENCE SPECIAL: If you are attending a Doing Family Right Seminar and purchase right from the Curries in person, you receive the Couple’s Package for the special price of $55, no tax or shipping! 

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Learn how to Maximize Your Marriage through the Fusion of Two Lives in the Fusion 2:1 Marriage Building DVD Experience. Passionate about inspiring an authentic, God-centered marriage, Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie teach biblical truths about your most important relationship in this DVD Set.

This is a one-of-a-kind marriage building study filled with hard-hitting, heart-warming practical help for couples of any age. The 6 sessions allow huge chunks of time for individual couples to work through and discuss 15 projects helping them these braid powerful and practical truths into their lives.


The Laws of Attraction – if you stop having fun, commitment alone won’t keep your love alive.

The Gravity of Baggage – Resolving your hurts releases you to love freely.

The Acceleration of Connection – Understanding your spouse at a deepening level helps them feel respected and loved.

The Drag of Friction – Responding to disagreements with respect brings you closer.

The Combustion of Passion – To love and be loved sexually creates a unique and powerful bond that joins you for life.

Finale – Steps for Fusing 3 into 1

Fusion is transforming couples across North America—and it can transform your marriage too.