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6. Fusion 2:1 DVD Couple Package




This package includes 1 DVD Set, 1 User Guide, 2 Companion Manuals.

Learn how to Maximize Your Marriage through the Fusion of Two Lives in the Fusion 2:1 marriage-building DVD experience. Passionate about inspiring an authentic, God-centered marriage, Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie teach biblical truths about your most important relationship.

This is a one-of-a-kind, marriage-building study filled with hard-hitting, heart-warming practical help for couples of any age. The 6 sessions allow huge chunks of time for couples to work through and discuss 15 projects helping them braid powerful and practical truths into their lives.

The 6 Sessions of Fusion 2:1

The Laws of Attraction – if you stop having fun, commitment alone won’t keep your love alive.

The Gravity of Baggage – Resolving your hurts releases you to love freely.

The Acceleration of Connection – Understanding your spouse at a deepening level helps them feel respected and loved.

The Drag of Friction – Responding to disagreements with respect brings you closer.

The Combustion of Passion – To love and be loved sexually creates a unique and powerful bond that joins you for life.

Finale – Steps for Fusing 3 into 1

Fusion 2:1 is transforming couples across North America — and it can transform your marriage too.