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Podcast 087: RECOVERY 5—Pornography’s Impact on the Spiritual Life

Podcast 87: RECOVERY 5—Pornography’s Impact on the Spiritual Life It’s hard to really measure the spiritual distance and deterioration of the soul through viewing and acting out with porn. We’ll help...

Podcast 085: RECOVERY 3—Sexual Addiction Recovery Requires Community and Connection

Podcast 85: RECOVERY 3—Sexual Addiction Recovery is a Team Sport Too many people trying to break free from sexual addiction fail to value the place of community. They try to go...

DFR Tip #347: Are you making it impossible for your spouse to measure up?

To learn more about the damaging effects of Porn and Erotica on you and your marriage, click on the links below: Article: Freedom from Porn Article: Betrayed: The Challenge of Rebuilding Trust...