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What People are Saying

38475987_s_whatpeoplearesayingDoing Family Right is committed to listening to people and improving our impact with those we partner with and to honour the Lord. We are constantly evaluating and learning how we can be better. People seem to love what we are bringing. We seem tho have touched a real nerve with the deeply felt need of marriage and family. Here’s a few of those we have helped. I hope you find their comments as refreshing as we do. And yes… we’d love to work with you in your community.

General Comments

“Thanks for making a generational impact in families here in Canada…Today you invested in 3 generations of marriages at once!”
Chris | 6 years married

“Thank you for being so invested in families when the world is giving up on them. Please continue.”
Shianna | 9 Years Married

“Thank you so much for giving us hope and for sharing so much wisdom for a Great Marriage! We appreciated your openness and love.”
Ricki | 9 months married

“Thank you for the thought, time and prayer you have put into creating Doing Family Right.”
Leah | 43 years married

“We need more of these kinds of conferences. We thank you and appreciate your willingness to serve God everywhere to different people in different place and cultures.”
Vivianne | 12 years married

“Thank you for your time and effort to make DFR happen. It opened my eyes as well as my husband’s. We have awoken from our marital sleep.”
Luvina | 5 years married

“It’s so encouraging to see how God works in DFR to bring people together to build strong and satisfying marriages. Your teaching honours God and influence families. May it pass on from generation to generation!”
Richard | 27 years married

“My wife and I are marriage educators. We have done many marriage and pre-marriage seminars, read many books on the topic and counseled thousands. But Fusion is the Best Presentation I have heard and would highly recommend it to anyone planning to be married or wanting a great marriage.”
Marvin | 42 years married

“DFR offers very good tools to bond a couple, build a good marriage and raise a happy family!”
Wilson | 15 years married

“Truly inspiring! Keep pressing on. What you are doing is so helpful and really needed in a society that would rather just give up on marriage. It has been life changing.”
Erin | 6 months married

“You guys rock!!! Thank you so, so much. You have helped me open up and share and face some serious issues. We will be purchasing the DVD set to share your passion for God and Marriage. It’s amazing.”
Brent | 8 years married

“You are so dedicated to helping families survive and thrive. Thank you for your guidance in marriage and in faith!”
Josephine | 33 years married

“Thank you for the wakeup call! Our marriage is very important. We praise the Lord for DFR at this time in our lives.”
Barry | 14 years married

“Thank you both for caring for other couples so much. You so are inspirational. Please don’t stop helping couples love each other God’s way.”
Dean | 12 years married

“Please continue to encourage those who are married. God does make a difference and people need to be reminded, encouraged and pushed along. Thanks and bless you both!”
Cynthia | 34 years married

“Thank you for investing in the creation of Godly marriages & families.”
Susan | 26 years married

“Thank you for all your hard work and passion in Doing Family Right. Your work is a Blessing. I feel like I’m going to be a better Man, Husband and Father with the new path you have shown me.”
Kevin | 9 years married

“We love your fight for families! Whatever the battle is, we’ll fight for our family too!”
Crystal | 3 years married

“We now have lots of tools and great resources to help improve our marriage as well as bring God into our lives.”
Cal | 8 years married

“With their 40 +years in marriage & their insight of Gods plan for husband and wife, Dr. Dave and Donalyn show the possibility of a Godly happy marriage through their creative presentation that will make you laugh & ponder afterwards.”

“I have buried a ton of baggage. I now feel confident that with some work. it all can be dealt with. A great step toward a better marriage.”
Andy | 17 years married

“Keep on working with Families! You are making a difference.”
Shauna | 41 years married

Fusion Comments

“These 6 weeks of FUSION have been the best 6 weeks of our marriage! It brought us closer together. We are more open towards one another and now address issues in a loving way.”
Warwick | 21 years married

“Fusion 2:1 is time very well invested. It gave us tools, resources and the motivation to help make our marriage stronger.”
Vernon | 9 years married

“Fusion is a fun, inspiring, marriage conference! It is one of the best “dates” I have been on in our 10 years of marriage. Thank You!”
Becky | 10 years married

“Fusion 2:1 is a marriage wake up call. The principles learned and the couple projects help fuel a desire to intentionally have a great marriage.”
Michelle | 14 years married

“The tools from Fusion 2:1 are simple to implement into our marriage and yet deep enough to stick for a lifetime☺ Well Done!”
Jason | 12 years married

“Fusion 2:1 opened up the lines of communication and opened our eyes to things in the past and present that are preventing us from having the abundant marriage God wants us to have. Thank you!”
Monty | 7 years married

“Fusion 2:1 was a great way to spend a Saturday growing closer to God and closer to my husband. A great Date Day!”
Abby | 9 years married

“Fusion was a gift to our marriage. Dave and Donalyn inspired us to relentlessly pursue God and each other and provided a path to healing and reconciling that was fun and exciting.”
Brad | 9 years married

“Fusion brings couples together – it really is a ‘nuclear’ experience.”
Steve | 10 years married

“Fusion was a refreshing reminder to devote time to working on improving our marriage and consistently make it new.”
Kirk | 5 years married

“Any couples looking to change or enhance their marriage, this seminar does just that. Fusion is worth every second!”
Candace | 9 years married

“Want to keep your marriage alive? Come to Fusion 2:1.”
Bank | 1 year married

“My marriage was falling apart and we are just newly weds!! Fusion encouraged us, gave us hope and a desire to make changes! I’m glad we aren’t alone in our struggles.”
Rachel | 1 years married

“Everyone waits until they have BIG problems in their marriage. Don’t wait! Fusion is about maintaining a healthy marriage, not just fixing broken ones.”
Arnold | 16 years married

“Make time for Fusion in your schedule to change your life by changing your marriage.”
Lisa | 7 years married

I thought it was going to be a long day but it was over before I knew it and I wanted more.”
Danny | 4 years married

“If you are married, you need this….Really! You need it!”
Eduardo | 3 years married

“Fusion 2:1 is an invitation to open up to experience what a great marriage can be. Dave and Donalyn deliver a dynamic and truth-filled day to equip couples with the tools to work on real-life marriages.”
Carlos | 9 years married

“Fusion 2:1 – Get ready for the second Honeymoon!”
Norm | 31 years married

“Fusion is practical and enlightening. It is armour for our marriage.”
Danielle | 7 years married

“Fusion is so useful for any couple no matter how long they have been married! They give real life solutions for real life problems.”
Aryn | 13 years married

“Do the Seminar. Your life and marriage will improve.”
Dan | 3 years married[/span]

“We have a great marriage and this one day investment is sure to make it 10 times better!”
Leslie | 13 years married

“Fusion 2:1 got us talking about things we never take the time to talk about. It also showed us how to put the FUN back into our marriage.”
Yvonne | 15 years married

“Fusion 2:1 is a friendly, non-threatening environment where I felt I could reconnect with my husband. I seriously did not want to come today, but I can honestly say I am happy I came. The Spark is back☺”
Crystal | 11 years married

“There is something in Fusion 2:1 for everyone. Whether you have been married for 1 month or 50 years – whether you are happy with your marriage or going through rough times, this course will help you!”
Sonya | 18 years married

“I’ve been to a few marriage seminars and this has been by far the best. I’d highly recommend it to any couple.”
John | 22 years married

“Attending Fusion 2:1 was the best way to spend a Saturday. As a business leader I attend many seminars to better myself professionally. Attending Fusion 2:1 will better my life and marriage for years to come!”
Logan | 12 years married

“This is the BEST presentation on marriage I have encountered and they did it by using their own marriage as an example.
Rudy | 19 years married

“I came to Fusion as a single person, a little hesitant and expecting it to be painful. But I was amazed at how applicable and inspiring it was to me in my relationships now and in looking forward to and preparing for a strong marriage.”
Janelle | Single

“Even though my fiancé and I are not married, we were provided with so many tools to build a strong foundation in our future marriage. This course also affirmed how important it is to braid God into our relationship.”
Jenn | engaged

iParent Comments

diane“What an amazing weekend my husband and I had in your iParent course. You are such a blessing to those who get to share in your ministry. We left challenged, refreshed, and most of all ‘Armed and ready’ to tackle the next 10+ years of this crazy thing called parenting!”

ryan“iParent opened my eyes, opened my heart, and gave me hope as a Dad for the future of our family!”

rossi“iParent really helped prepare me for some of the trickier stuff in parenting and inspired me to be more intentional in my relationship with my kids. I learned so much about how to really be there for them and how to connect with them as they are getting older. iParent has been invaluable to me!”

chris“The iParent series was such a great and welcome resource for our school community that we had it back a second time. Dr. Dave speaks with such passion and experience in dealing with all the relevant issues families face in this day and age.”

deanna“The I-Parent seminar is very engaging and contains an abundant amount of relevant, practical, and practiced advice for connecting with and positively influencing your children.”

“It was great to meet Dr. Dave tonight. It just reminds me that when we pray, Jesus is there and listening. iParent is an answer to my prayer as a Dad as I prayed for answers only last Sunday.”

“You are on the front line of the battle raging against families. Thanks for iParent and your courage in giving us weapons to fight the battle FOR our families.”

“The enemy is in our back yard and I really needed help with my daughter. Thanks for shooting straight with iParent – right between the eyes and not sugar coating your message.”

diane“Before sending our two most precious gifts into the world, you reaffirmed things we are doing ‘right’ and challenged us to step up our game in other areas. Thank you and God Bless your work in bringing iParent to this hurting world!”

sarrah“If you want to learn how to build a healthy, lifelong connection with your children, iParent is the series you need.”

“i-Parent is the best investment of time that we have made as a parents. Kids don’t come with manuals but i-Parent is the next best thing!

I love the personal stories; Dr. Dave is so honest, relatable and passionate, it’s so easy to listen. Life gets so busy with many distractions, but i-Parent gave us the opportunity to focus on our role as parents and become a stronger team.”

dan“We have attended many i-Parent seminars and continue to learn new things every time. We can’t get enough.   If you have a chance to go, do it!  These seminars are such a gift to parents.

As parents, we have good intentions but Dr. Dave gives us the tools and encouragement to be both intentional and practical about what’s really important in raising kids.”

Marriage 2.0 Comments

“Marriage 2.0 is a biblical based, fun, entertaining and encouraging seminar to give validity to the issues we face in the second half of marriage.”
Orilyn | 36 years married

“Marriage 2.0 provides exceptionally open, honest teaching and encouragement to connect with my spouse and God in a deeper way – in order to finish strong and leave a lasting legacy for our family.”
Anne | 35 years married

“Marriage 2.0 is a great reality check about strengthening the second half of marriage.”
Don | 36 years married

“Dave & Donalyn always give awesome examples of how a God-centered relationship will last and finish strong.”
Barton | 32 years married

“We came into the seminar with broken communication but leave empowered to work through our problems by talking through the challenges. We are now committed to fully respecting each other”
Doris | 47 years married

“Marriage 2.0 helped me to set goals, get planning, and begin accepting aging graciously.”
John | 21 years married

Pastor’s Comments

“The impact of having Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie to RockPointe Church for a marriage event has been significant and on-going.  In several conversations with various couples who attended Fusion 2.1, not only did they express their heartfelt gratitude for the event, but each one shared how they have been applying some of the lessons they learned.  In short, hearts were softened, lives were changed, and God was honoured.”
Dave Mohr | Pastor | RockPointe Church-Bearspaw

“We saw God move in powerful ways through DFR – beyond our prayers and expectations. The prayer response at the end of the Sunday service was tremendous and spirit led. I truly believe there were many breakthroughs this weekend. Hurting people responded and healthy marriages were made stronger.”
Bruce Enns | Lead Pastor | Forest Grove Community Church

david-chiu“We at OnTrack have found it a real privilege and honour to work with Dr. Currie. Both he and his messages are well received by the Chinese community here in Canada and in Hong Kong. Those of us who have worked closed with him have learned to appreciate his Kingdom values, evangelistic zeal, cultural sensitivity-adaptability, as well as his empowering spirit. On top of that he is well received by our people because of his genuine and transparent life.”
Dr. David Chiu | President | OnTrack Leadership Institute

“Probably the most important thing I learned from the Doing Family Right weekend, was from watching Dave and Donalyn interact. As they lead and taught the Fusion material together, I saw love come out in its various forms; through hearing and seeing kindness towards each other, through playfulness, and even a rebuke to stay on track. While the material was great, watching their relationship unfold showed me and all our couples a great picture of love.”
Ron Hunka | Associate Pastor | Brentwood Church, Burnaby

“Much of the impact through DFR we will never know but we saw much evidence of God at work. I’ve already used the weekend as a follow-up in a number of settings including our Young Marrieds ministry.”
Bruce Enns | Lead Pastor | Forest Grove Community Church

darrell-derksen“David Currie came into the life of our church over a period of 2 months to teach on family, parenting, and marriage as our Senior Pastor was on Sabbatical. Not only did he align with the vision and culture of our church, he supported the community be providing counselling for families and couples while he was here. Dr. Currie is a team player with a creative and innovative approach to communicating. He brought incredible lift to our church and he served with humility and innovation.”
Jeremiah Raible | Community Ministries Pastor | Mill Woods Assembly

“It truly was the best one-day marriage builder I have been a part of. The sessions were relevant, fast paced and impactful. Many couples were encouraged and for some it provided an opportunity to take major steps in rebuilding. The workbook is a real gift and provides the practical next steps that people are looking for. It truly was a unique relationship-building weekend. We received very positive feedback from all age groups.
Darrell Derksen | Lead Pastor | Salem Church, Waldheim, SK

kevin-thiessen“Dr. Dave and Donalyn were a blessing to our congregation as they shared their experiences and learnings about marriage and family with clarity and appropriate vulnerability. We valued their openness and humor. In a time when families and marriages are breaking at the seams inside and outside the church, it was a lift to have the Curries join us and invest in the health, restoration and growth of our marriages and families.”
Kevin Thiessen | Pastor of Missions & Outreach | Victoria Central Baptist Church

“DFR is great value!! Time and money very well spent!”
Bruce Enns | Lead Pastor | Forest Grove Community Church

steve-savage“The greatest benefit of the DFR Ministry was that it got our people talking about spiritual things with their families like never before. The most heard comment “Please invite them back!” Our people loved it! We will do it again!”
Steve Savage | Lead Pastor | Port Rowan MB Church

“People haven’t stopped talking about the impact of the DFR weekend. We are having them back.”
James Layzell | Senior Pastor | City Life Church – Chilliwack

“The greatest benefit of the DFR Ministry was seeing marriages transformed. Watching couples talk and prayer together in very intimate ways, hearing the ‘buzz’ that followed events, and especially the great response to Sunday’s message, all make us truly thank God.”
Bruce Enns | Lead Pastor | Forest Grove Community Church

“Thanks for helping invest in our marriages & families. . . keep up the good work!”
Mike Penniga | Lead Pastor | Kelowna Gospel Fellowship

“The greatest benefit of the DFR Ministry was to get people to start thinking how to integrate their faith in their home through iParent and how to work through issues with their spouse through Fusion.”
David Tsai | Senior Pastor | Fujian Evangelical Church

“We were so privileged to have Dave speak in our community and equip parents to have effective relationships with their children. His engagement with the parents while speaking with stories and question answering allowed the audience to see the real Dr. Dave Currie as a fellow parent who has fought in the trenches with us. His insights astounded many as he managed complicated parenting matters into simple solutions with goals for parents that were applicable for today’s parent.”
Steve Roukema | Youth Pastor | Mountain Park Community Church

“I have confidence in recommending DFR without question or hesitation to other churches or ministries who want to see marriages and families transformed by God.”
Bruce Enns | Lead Pastor | Forest Grove Community Church

Board Comments

dave-jacki-miller“I think the best way for us to describe Dr. Dave, Donalyn and the DFR team is ‘genuine and heartfelt’. It doesn’t take long to see that this ministry is straight from their heart and they TRULY do care. They will laugh with you, cry with you (literally) and pray with and for you. Integrity – these are people that are really living out what they are teaching.”
Dave & Jacki Miller

mark-lynn-dumerton“Dr. Dave, together with his team, is committed to supporting families and reinforcing how God intended families to live. We believe if we “Do Family Right” it sets us up for success in relationships even beyond the family. We’ve been supporting DFR from its beginning as we see the Currie’s living out their passion in their own family which gives great credibility as they encourage others to “Do Family Right.”
Mark & Lynn Dumerton

brad-donna-willems“Over the last 15 years, we have watched, supported and experienced the effective training, counselling and workshops that Dr. Dave and Donalyn and the DFR team have delivered. In a world with so many broken relationships, DFR stands firmly in the gap, providing Biblical resources and ongoing support to maximize all your family relationships. We heartily endorse DFR’s expertise.”
Brad & Donna Willems