Doing Family Right

Maximizing your most
important relationships.

We help you maximize your most important relationships.

Do you need counselling for yourself, your marriage or family? Let us help you face-to-face!

Dr. Dave and his committed team at the Doing Family Right Care Centre can counsel you in person if you are in the Fraser Valley, or via video-conferencing if you live farther away. Count on the same kind of relevant and God-honouring guidance that you have come to trust from DFR already.


Our Counselling Team

  • Dr. Dave

    MA, PhD, SRT, RCC

  • Rachelle

    MA, RCC

  • Lorie


  • Helen

    MC, RCC

  • Merri Ellen

    Certified Life Coach, MSLC

  • Leanne

    MEd, RCC

  • Bryan

    MA, RCC, CCC

  • Cam

    Life Coach

  • Olivia

    MA, RCC

  • Courtney Thoutenhoofd

    Counselling Intern


To inquire about counselling or book an appointment, please fill out our Counselling Request Form below. You can also call our DFR message centre and leave your request at: 604-556-1116 or email us at  Our DFR Care Centre Administrator, will get back to you within 48 hours.

Recovery/Support Groups

We believe in leading people and marriages into full freedom from addictions and their impact. We run the following groups and seminars:

1. ReGroup: Pornography and sexual addiction recovery groups designed to teach, support and equip men toward sexual purity, freedom and integrity. Groups meet weekly.

2. P.E.R.G.E (Partner Encouragement Recovery Group Experience): A psycho-educational seminar led by Dr. Dave for partners whose spouses are battling porn or sexual addiction. PERGE is offered in a Friday-Saturday format that runs twice/year. Next date: May 28/29 2021.  For more information click HERE, to register visit our STORE

3. BUILDING CONNECTION: A psycho-educational seminar targeting the impact of Intimacy Anorexia led by Dr. Dave for couples where one or both of them are intimacy anorexics. Session will focus on understanding this paradigm and what to do to overcome it and is offered in a 3-hour evening format. Date: PENDING.

To request more info about our groups, please contact us in one of three ways:

  1. Fill out the Counselling Request Form below.
  2. Call us at 604-556-1116 and leave a message pertaining to which group you are interested in. Merri Ellen, our Care Centre Administrator will forward your information to the group leader.
  3. Email us at and let us know what group you are interested in joining. Your information will be forwarded to the group leader of your choice.

DFR Care Centre & Office Location

Office Phone Number: 604-556-1116

Counselling Centre Email:

The Care Centre is located at:
31107 Peardonville Rd.
Abbotsford, BC,  Canada V2T 6T9

For directions to get to the DFR Care Centre travelling from East of Abbotsford, click HERE

For directions to get to the DFR Care Centre travelling from West of Abbotsford, click HERE

Mailing Address:
PO Box 162 Station A
Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6Z5

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