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Karin Baer

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Karin has a big heart for women going through partner betrayal trauma. She gets it.

She had to walk through her own healing and recovery. And now, it is her deep desire to help women heal as a whole person. She leads the DFR Partner Recovery Group for women who are facing their husband’s or partner’s sexual addiction and co-leads an Art Therapy Group for partners. We are delighted to have Karin join the DFR team.

1. Experience and Expertise

Karin brings a wealth of experience with her including:

  • Employed for two and a half years at a drop-in centre for sexually exploited and prostituted women
  • Participated in a variety of workshops with the BC Homelessness Association over the course of two and a half years
  • Certified facilitator for “Ending the Game” by Rachel Thomas

2. Professional Credentials

Karin’s professional credentials include:

  • Certified Partner Recovery and Betrayal Trauma Coach with the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy
  • Certified Intimacy Anorexia Coach with the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy
  • Certified Life Coach with The Addictions Academy LLC
  • Bachelor of economics VWA Freiburg, Germany, apprenticeship in business administration
  • Owner of manufacturing business for over 20 years

3. Worldview and Counselling Perspective

As a committed Christian, Karin believes that we are created in the image of God and that it is His desire that you as a partner and a person, heal and recover from the impact of both past and betrayal trauma.

4. Counselling Information

In Office sessions. For those living within driving distance of Abbotsford in BC’s Fraser Valley, sessions are available directly with Karin

Session Length – 50 minutes/ $90 a session

By Phone or via Zoom or Face Time sessions. Where distance limits direct personal access, phone or online coaching has been very effective.

Session Length – 50 minutes/ $90 a session

5. Payment for Services

Payment is due at the time of the session by e-transfer by the end of the day.

Cancellation Fee: With notification of less than 24 hours, clients agree to pay a cancellation fee equal to a full session.

6. Making a Counselling Request

Regardless of the nature of the issues in your marriage or family, interested individuals or couples should fill out the Counselling Request Form below or email Karin at:

7.Karin’s Counselling Location

DFR Care Centre
31107 Peardonville Rd.
Abbotsford, BC,  Canada V2T 6T9

For directions to get to the DFR Care Centre travelling from East of Abbotsford, click HERE

For directions to get to the DFR Care Centre travelling from West of Abbotsford, click HERE

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