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eZine #50: Determining Sexual Variation in Marriage

One of the biggest reasons for divorce is issues in the bedroom. There are varying reasons for this, from sexual abuse to distorted understandings about sex often taught by the church – but one of the most simple, and yet most damaging issues that can arise is simply found in monotony in the bedroom. One or the other in the relationship is bored or not finding their needs met.

This “boredom” is often really about a lack of freedom and trust in the relationship. Trust allows us to share our thoughts, dreams, and desires with each other. It allows us to initiate and pursue with the assurance of a secure relationship and communicate feelings at a level that is secure and safe. From this foundation, we can find a freedom to explore as married couples, in the bedroom. What does variation look like? How does a couple (in a healthy way that doesn’t include things like porn) explore new and fun ways of being together?

This month’s highlighted podcast is all about VARIATION and how to find it together in marriage, and yes God is ok with it, and even encourages sexual oneness, exploration, and fun in scripture.

May your week be filled with fun new experiences together.

Podcast 47: Determining Sexual Variation in Marriage

**NOTE: If you find sex to be a contentious issue in your relationship, please don’t hesitate to get help. Please don’t ever forget that you aren’t alone and there is help available to you, there is also hope on the other side of your hurts.

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