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eZine #67 | The Role Of A Lifetime Valentine

February eZine: The Role Of A Lifetime Valentine

5 Roles of a Lifetime Valentine

What is a lifetime valentine? For me, it’s synonymous with success in marriage. It is best described as a satisfying, growing friendship for life. Let’s break that down. Satisfying means enjoyable and fulfilling. You want to be a part of it! Growing.

There’s a willingness to listen to your mate’s needs and keep making changes; to build into the relationship and not take it for granted. Friendship. That’s the fun, laughter and kindness lived out each day. Finally, for Life. It’s a deep commitment and that’s not a word commonly used to describe enough marriages these days.

Success as a life-long valentine is when young love stays the course over the years and becomes the most beautiful kind of all… ‘Old love’. Two people whose lives and histories are so intertwined that they are inseparable yet still passionate for each other. Two have become one. Learn more…

FEBRUARY ARTICLE: What’s the Deal With Valentine’s Day? 

The Valentine’s tradition lives on as a day for people to express their affection to the special people in their lives. Though primarily between lovers and spouses, gestures of fondness are given to teachers, parents and friends. This year, over a billion cards will be sent, emailed, or given on Valentine’s Day. Women purchase approximately 85 percent of valentines while men are said to spend on average, twice as much money as women, just over $77/person. After all, flowers and chocolates aren’t cheap! How did this love day get started?.

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FEBRUARY PODCAST: Do You Speak My Love Language?

Dr. Dave Currie along with Wayne & Mary Jane Dahl, discuss topics relevant to your marriage and family. This episode focuses on helping couples overcome the relational disconnect and to increase a sense of appreciation by understanding and applying the five languages of love.

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Marriage 2.0 is a one of a kind, life changing, 1-day event for couples  that believe “The Best is Yet to Come.” This “second half of marriage seminar” features Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie. They know that your 2nd half of marriage can be the best half with the right half-time adjustments. Don’t just coast or co-exist in the years ahead, instead find new God-honouring ways to really connect with your spouse.. Learn More

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