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Marriage: The All-Inclusive Attributes of an Amazingly Awesome Marriage

The Marital Attribute Assessment


How amazing is your marriage? Is there an all-encompassing richness to what you have between you? You see, marriage relationships do vary; there’s the good, the bad and the ugly and in my line of work, I see my fair share of the latter two. It’s interesting how people perceive their marital companionship.


Every couple seems to know when things are not going good though they often don’t want to admit it or talk about it. At times, when pain leaks out, they don’t hesitate to fight about it. But when things are going great, they often can’t tell you why. Some marital unions are good in some of the attributes but weak in others. Your relationship may be like those couples who publicly portray a marital bliss but in reality, it’s more like the marital blahs.


These marital attributes listed here are what I coach all couples toward who desire a relational rebuild. They are the undeniable ‘bottom line’ – the All-Inclusive Attributes of an Amazingly Awesome Marriage. They may not be everything but they are the main things.


So, here’s the stretch – even for those of you who think you have a great marriage. I dare you to take my Marital Attribute Assessment. That’s right, score yourself on how well you are doing as a life partner based on these anchoring indisputable qualities of what an amazingly, awesome marriage will include. The more of them that are present, the merrier. The stronger each trait, the more meaningful the relationship.

For each of the 10 attributes of an amazingly awesome marriage, first, read the brief explanation. Think through how well you are really doing on that attribute. Then, honestly rate yourself out of 10 on each trait (0 being low, 10 being high).


Do the same for your spouse, scoring them on how well they do on each trait.  When scoring, wives are green- husbands are scored on the blue. Be careful on not judging your mate by their actions and yourself by your intentions. Be as honest with your assessment of them as you were of yourself – not harder on them and easier on you.


Total up both scores to get your marks out of 100. Then, plan a time to sit down and share your perspectives on where you feel you are at as a couple in your marriage. Remember, you are a team. Look for where you can both improve to increase your overall scores.


© Dr. Dave Currie – March 2021