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Doing Family Right Care Centre is helping countless couples through  recovery, healing and freedom.

Pornography and Sexual Addiction are two of the most challenging and destructive preoccupations that marriages encounter today.  We believe there is hope and a way to overcome their damaging impact on the individual and the couple. Here are the recovery groups we offer. You can click each program title to be redirected to the designated page to find further group descriptions, details resources, and more to help you and your partner take the first steps toward overcoming Pornography and Sexual Addiction in your life and marriage. You can any email questions to for additional information.

Men are Stuck: We are committed to help men who have experienced sexual addiction’s menacing grip on their lives for too long. We believe that with coaching, connection and commitment to God’s plan for recovery, men are able to move from defeat and despair to integrity and purity. This program is called ReGroup – Men’s Recovery.

Women are Trapped: Sexual and love addiction snare women too. We caringly come alongside those in a shame and failure cycle who often feel they have no place to go to get support. We help these women with God’s plan for recovery to move from defeat and despair to integrity and purity. This program is called FLAIR – Women’s Recovery.

Partners are Hurting: Most women whose husbands or boyfriends are losing the battle against pornography and sexual addiction are facing an incredible emotional and relational pain of their own. It’s called Partner Betrayal Trauma for a reason. We provide a God-centered approach to this healing process. This program is called P.E.R.G.E. – Partner Recovery.



A psycho-educational seminar targeting the impact on Intimacy Anorexia (IA) on a marriage where one or both partners is operating out of this paradigm of emotional, spiritual and sexual disconnect. The 4-hour session will include presentation, group discussion, Q & A, and plenty of practical tools for couples to keep working through IA by accessing, understanding and overcoming intimacy anorexia. The Building Connection Seminar is offered intermittently but usually 2 times per calendar year. See the store for new dates, location and costs.


In need of assistance right away? Reach out to one of our qualified DFR Care Centre Counsellors who specialize in Sexual Addiction Recovery, Partner Recovery and Intimacy Anorexia. Note: these counsellors have trained specialities as listed and are registered with the American Association of Sexual Addiction Therapy (AASAT).

Olivia Mayer: Sexual Recovery Therapist, Partner Recovery Therapist, FLAIR Leader

Karin Baer: Partner Recovery Coach, Intimacy Anorexia Coach, Partners Leader

Cam Broad: Sexual Recovery Coach, Intimacy Anorexia Coach, ReGroup Leader

Chris Boschman: Sexual Recovery Coach, ReGroup Leader

Dr. Dave Currie: Sexual Recovery Therapist, Partner Recovery Therapist, Intimacy Anorexia Therapist, Sexual Addiction Intensive Certification, ReGroup Leader


There are 3–5-day Intensives are available for couples wanting to experience a significant turnaround in a short period of time. The days include 9 hours under the care and direction of Dr. Dave directly. They are designed and tailored uniquely for any couple facing sexual addiction, Intimacy Anorexia or marital breakdown. Email Dr. Dave for more details.