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“ReGroup” stands for Recovery Group.

It’s a place where men work through the challenges related to their Pornography and/or Sexual Addiction. It’s where freedom begins.  Dr. Dave says, “Boys make Excuses – Men make Changes!” We believe men make men! ReGroup is your new Band of Brothers who will call you to greatness through a community of both GRIT and GRACE. We believe though you come as you are – you won’t stay as you are!

What to Expect:

Support. Challenge. Freedom. Encouragement. Connection. Men standing with you in your recovery. It’s a working group – you come to work! Then, you go home to work. Showing up regularly is essential but not enough. Expect to hear and discuss solid and God-anchored recovery teaching by group leaders or through an instructional video. All men “Check-in” – being accountable for their purity and their commitment to do their work each week. Goal: Complete the 12 Steps to Freedom in 12 months. Some groups are online and some are in person.

How to Get Involved?

Simply email to show your interest and discuss availability within the group that might be best suited for you – We’ll get back to you.

ReGroup Meetings:

Tuesday: 6:30 – 8 am – Zoom

Contact: Dr. Dave Currie –

Tuesday: 7 – 8:30 pm – Zoom or DFR Office

Contact: Brent Peters –

Thursday: 7 – 8:30 pm – Local Abby Church

Contact: Darren Wiens –


ReGroup Transformation Stories

We are amazed at the work God continues to do with the Men who join us in our ReGroup Program. A few of these brave men have agreed to go on camera and tell their story. You can view their testimonials HERE.


Recovery Podcasts For Sexual Addiction

These podcasts will be a key part of your personal, God-honouring recovery from sexual addiction. Devouring the truth about your addiction is critical. Listen to the podcasts twice in the next 6 months. Listen together with your spouse once if possible, for her greater understanding of what you are facing. Click on an episode below to start learning and growing. Take a page of notes as you listen and keep these in your recovery binder. Record the date that you listen to each podcast. Share your recovery binder with your counsellor, your spiritual accountability partner, your spouse and your ReGroup men. To access the podcasts, simply click HERE.

Dr. Dave’s Recovery Talks On YouTube

Dr. Dave Currie has recorded scores of his recovery talks for you to listen to. You can access them by clicking HERE.

Recovery Documents

To enhance your recovery, we have a host of powerful documents essential to your participation in ReGroup and to your benefit in securing freedom from porn and/or sexual addiction. We’ve also included handouts that coincide with Dr. Dave’s recovery talks. All of these can be accessed HERE. 

Help for Spouses

We believe that full recovery encompasses everything—this is why we created our P.E.R.G.E program for spouses. P.E.R.G.E. exists to regain sexual purity in marriage. The program is designed for the encouragement and ongoing recovery for women who are facing their husband or partner’s porn and sexual addiction. We offer ongoing support for women. This includes:

P.E.R.G.E Seminar: this 2-day event happens 2-3 times each year. The next one takes place January 8&9 2021. Click HERE for details.

P.E.R.G.E Support Group: this is an ongoing network of women who care and walking this hard journey. They meet regularly online. Don’t walk alone. Click HERE for details.


ReGroup & PERGE Portals

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  • Thursday PM ReGroup

Counselling Support

In need of assistance right away? Please, reach out to one of our qualified Care Centre Counsellors who specialize in Sexual Addiction Recovery:

Cam Broad 

Dr. Dave Currie 

For Women:

Rachelle Siemens


More Questions? Contact Us