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Parenting: FAMILY FOOTPRINTS—The Non-negotiable Steps for Leading Well at Home

I grew up enjoying the childhood activity of ‘follow the leader’. Back in the prairies, it was especially fun to play after a fresh snowfall on our way to and from...

Parenting: Q & A with Dr. Dave & Donalyn Currie: SOLO Influence—How do I raise my family God’s way when my spouse isn’t interested?

QUESTION: I want to build my family on God’s principles, but my spouse has very little interest in spiritual things. What do I do? Dave: Donalyn and I sympathize with you,...

Parenting: YOUTH ARE LEAVING THE FAITH—Who’s Dropping the Ball?

YOUTH ARE LEAVING THE FAITH—Who’s Dropping the Ball? I am more than a little choked! Though I may not turn over the moneychanger’s tables in the foyer, I have to admit...

Dr. Dave Currie: Passing on Your Faith to the Next Generation

One of the greatest joys of life is seeing our kids and grandkids following Jesus. Dr. Dave shares a passionate message with practical tips that will help us pass our faith...

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