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Women’s Seminar: Encounter Jesus in the Noise

Ladies, this is an exclusive seminar, just for you!

Come join us for an interactive, reflecting, equipping, spiritual direction and life coaching experience with Jesus leading the way! This 5 Day Kickstart: Encountering Jesus in the Noise will be run through a private online group with Zoom led by Life Coach & Spiritual Director, Merri Ellen Giesbrecht. 

This is a 5 day seminar that will take place from October 21-26, 2021. It will ALL be run on zoom so you can tune in from anywhere! 

A little bit about your leader of this seminar…

Merri Ellen cares… Her deep compassion for others is rooted in her joy in coaching people to connect better to God through hearing His voice and connect better to one another in their primary relationships. She excels in spiritual direction. Her 20 plus years of people helping have seen her work effectively with children, teens, young adults, mothers and wives as well as pastors and leaders in ministry. She loves guiding people as they explore their dreams, assess their gifts and abilities and pursue their goals. A major life contribution are her landmark contributions in the area of recovery from depression and anxiety where her writing and coaching have impacted people in 120 countries.

We so look forward to having you join us! You can register today by visiting